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Living the Hong Kong experience

July 11 2015
Artistic and tasteful jewelry designs


Floating restaurants are a popular fad

Floating restaurants are a popular fad

A tranquil shrine for the Sakyamuni Buddha

A tranquil shrine for the Sakyamuni Buddha

Nan Lian Garden, a Chinese classical garden in Kowloon region

Nan Lian Garden, a Chinese classical garden in Kowloon region


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Think skyscrapers, neon lights, street shopping, martial arts, movies and mouthwatering dim sum - the unique city of Hong Kong has all this and more! Hong Kong, which is well-known as Asia's bazaar, is a truly global city. With the largest number of skyscrapers and a population to match, the extravagance of the city might come as a shock to the faint hearted.

Here is a list of some of the many things that Hong Kong does better than the rest of the world.

Fancy eating out?

Hong Kong's culinary culture flaunts street food stalls to Michelin Star restaurants, redefining "foodie-ism" in every way. Dai Pai Dong, the fast food noodle shop, is famous for their complimentary tea with every bowl of noodles, modestly priced at HK$20 only.

Tourists also flock the floating restaurants in Hong Kong's Aberdeen harbor area. The Jumbo Floating Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants, visited by famous political and cultural figures such as Queen Elizabeth II and Tom Cruise to name a few. With the highest per capita concentration of eateries in the world, Hong Kong can cater to every taste bud.

Breathe in, Meditate, Detach

For those of you who seek shall find. With one arm customarily raised for a blessing, the 34-meter tall Tian Tan Buddha statue in Hong Kong attracts pilgrims from all over the world. The city's main cultural attraction blends harmoniously with the natural beauty of the Lantau Island on which it stands, opposite the Po Lin monastery.

A Futuristic Culture with Age-Old Roots

Hong Kong is growing at a mind boggling pace and yet is firmly rooted in its age-old culture. Well-preserved, centuries-old Chinese architectural monuments are vestiges of the country's rich past.

Temples and monuments such as the Man Mo temple, Shing Wo temple, Hong Kong Observatory in Tsim Sha Su, Kowloon peninsula and many more are strong evidences of the city's firm cultural roots. Hong Kong's way of life represents an ideal balance of a modern culture with the ancient tradition; it is indeed an exemplary world city.

Travelling Tips

Visiting Hong Kong is a unique experience and like every other destination, it has its inherent risks. Although Hong Kong has a relatively lower crime rate, there has been news of tourist muggings. Valuable travel documents and passport can be lost in such cases. Avail a travel insurance plan that can cover for such losses.

Local typhoons are a common threat to the island city. Being in a foreign country while facing such a calamity can be scary. Freak accidents while travelling can hamper a well-planned holiday. Terrorism is another global disease that can put anyone at a risk for his life. Avail yourself of a comprehensive travel insurance plan and enjoy your visit with a peaceful mind. Click here to know more of the benefits of travel insurance for you and your family.


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