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Insurance Article

Making It Through Long Non-stop Flights

November 10 2016
Long non-stop Flights

Tips to make your long distance non-stop flights enjoyable

Whether you love them or hate them, long distance flights are a necessity to get you to the most far flung places to meet your loved ones. While many of us loathe them for their long duration, they can actually be enjoyed if you plan them well ahead of your journey.

Air India, India's official flag carrier airline offers non-stop long distance flights to the US. Both Delhi to San Francisco and Mumbai to New York non-stop flights are just 5 minutes shy of 16 hours.

If you are planning a similar trip, here are a few great tips to make your next long non-stop flight delightful:

Charge Your Devices

Make sure all your devices are charged so that you can keep all your gadgets powered on throughout the flight. You can also carry extra batteries and charging devices in case the plane doesn't have electrical outlets.

Load Your Devices

Don't forget to load your devices with your favourite movies, books, television series, games and music. This will be really helpful if the airline's entertainment is not functional or unappealing.

Don't Carry Too Much Stuff

Extra baggage under the seat will reduce your legroom which can cause cramps on a 15-hour long journey. Never bring too many items such that you compete for your own sleeping space.

Choose Your Seat Wisely

If you plan to sleep for the most part of your journey, a window seat is an ideal option. However, if you want to be awake and walk around to avoid cramps, an aisle seat will be perfect. You can consult various seat apps for best options.

Bring Your Go-To Gear

Your body will like every small comfort you can provide it.

Carry your neck pillows, eye masks, noise cancelling earphones, headphones, etc.

Board Relatively Rested

Don't consider long flights as the perfect place to catch sleep unless you are travelling first class. It is always better to take proper sleep before boarding and take short naps whenever you start winking.

Bring Snacks

On a long duration flight, you would want to eat according to your schedule and not the flight crew's. While at times airlines food is sufficient, sometimes it may feel less and extra snacks are always helpful, especially if you are travelling with children.

Get Your Clothing Right

Wear comfortable clothes and pack some additional clothes so that you can adjust to the cold on the plane.

Carry Anti-Bacterial Wipes

At times, planes can be dirty from the inside. Anti-bacterial wipes and sanitisers will help you stay clean throughout the flight.

Be Pleasant

Be nice to your co-passengers, acknowledge the cabin crew for their services and appreciate your gate agents. A little gesture of affection and thankfulness will keep you and your fellow passengers in good mood.

If at any point you panic or feel uneasy, seek help from the cabin crew. An overseas travel insurance that will protect you against any unforeseen events when you land and offer peace of mind, making it a smart option for long distance overseas flights.

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