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Insurance Article

Making It Through Long Non-stop Flights

November 10 2016

Whether you love them or hate them, long-distance flights are a necessity to get you to the most far-flung places to meet your loved ones. While many of us loathe them for their long duration, they can actually be enjoyed if you plan them well ahead of your journey. Air India, India's official flag carrier airline offers non-stop long-distance flights to the US. Both Delhi to San Francisco and Mumbai to New York non-stop flights are just 5 minutes shy of 16 hours. If you are planning a similar trip, here are a few great travel tips to make your next long non-stop flight pleasant and bearable.

1.Pick the back of the airplane


While airlines often prefer to have the customers book their seats starting from the front of the plane, it would be best for you to book yours at the back. This may seem to be a non-issue at first, however, during a long haul flight, it can turn into a boon. Choosing a seat at the back of the planes keeps you comfortably away from the roar of the engine, while closer to the galley, that translates into better service and more leg room to stretch.

2.Window Seat Can Be A Great Sleeping Aid


The fun of grabbing a window seat during a short hop is the view that you get at 30,000 feet. However, when it comes to non-stop flights, a window seat can become the difference between a relaxing journey and a chaotic one. Booking a window seat offers you a solid surface to nap against, while also keeping you from the hustle bustle of passing passengers and flight attendants. The only downside, if you can even call it that is that you’d need to request the other passengers to move when you need to visit the washroom.

3.Charge Your Devices & Load Up On Entertainment


Make sure all your devices are charged so that you can keep all your gadgets powered on throughout the flight. You should also carry extra batteries and power banks to ensure that you don’t run out of juice before you land. Also, do not solely rely on the in-flight entertainment, as most of the time the options available are very limited. When embarking on a long haul flight, make sure you’ve stocked up your devices with ample music, movies, podcasts and games to avoid boredom and to easily pass the time.

4.There’s Nothing As ‘Too Much Stuff’


When departing on a non-stop flight, your hand luggage need not be light. It should carry just about everything that you need to endure a long duration. Remember that keeping the hand baggage under your seat is not the best thing to do; you need the space for yourself. You have something called the ‘overhead bin’. Stash your bag in the overhead compartment to ensure that important items for the duration of the flight are within your reach.

5.Board Relatively Rested


Don't consider long flights as the perfect place to catch up on sleep unless you are travelling first class. It is always better to take proper sleep before boarding and take short naps during the flights, whenever possible. Sleeping upright for long can mess up with your neck muscles causing discomfort.

6.Bring Snacks & Avoid Salt

puerto-rico-143340_960_720 (1)

On a long duration flight, you would want to eat according to your schedule and not the flight crews’. While at times airlines food is sufficient, sometimes it may feel less and extra snacks are always helpful, especially if you are travelling with children. Also, it’s best to avoid salted snacks, as they can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. It’s advisable to carry protein-rich snack bars, dry fruits and nuts.

7.Get Your Clothing Right

puerto-rico-143340_960_720 (1)

Wear comfortable clothes and pack some layers so that you can adjust to the cold on the plane. With the air conditioning on full blast, it’s easy for your body to feel the discomfort of the continuous chill in the cabin. Long haul flights can be made more comfortable if you’re wearing loose-fitting clothes, coupled with a cashmere jumper to make your journey all the more bearable.

8.Hydration Is The Key

havana-1613263_960_720 (1)

One of the most severe downsides of long-term exposure to a pressurized cabin is that it can leave your severely dehydrated. It’s best to avoid caffeinated beverages and to increase your water intake during the flight. Carrying a refillable water on-board is one of the wisest moves you can make during a long-range non-stop flight.

9.Be Pleasant & Socialize

havana-1613263_960_720 (1)

Be nice to your co-passengers, acknowledge the cabin crew for their services and appreciate your gate agents. A little gesture of affection and thankfulness will keep you and your fellow passengers in a good mood. As your long-haul non-stop flight is most likely to be in excess of 12 hours, it’s a great idea to converse with fellow passengers, while keeping their privacy in mind. One of the biggest perks of travelling is that you get to meet new folks and as every traveller has a story to tell making small talk with fellow passengers will be well worth your time.

While all these pointers are definitely going to make your non-stop flight a bearable one, yet overseas travel insurance will protect you against any unforeseen events when you land and offer peace of mind, making it a smart option for long distance overseas flights.

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