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Not Disclosing Your Medical History? You May Risk Foreign Travel Insurance Claim Rejection

January 02 2019

Your insurer can reject your travel insurance claim for medical emergencies owing to non-disclosure of medical history

The mere thought of travelling or exploring a new place is said to bring about positivity and a change in your mood for the better. When you travel to a new place, you get to meet new people, learn a new culture, learn a new way of living and make new friends. But, before you get going and can finally say ‘adios amigos’, there is a lot of things you need to take care of.

Along with doing your research, and getting the bookings done, you also need to get yourself international travel insurance. A travel insurance plan cushions you from the financial implications in emergency situations during your travel.

However, did you disclose your medical history while applying for travel insurance?

You might wonder as to the logic behind the disclosure of your complete medical history, especially now that you are totally fit, and disclosure would only increase the premium amount. However, choosing to remain silent on an important health condition in the past can result in the rejection of your claim.

Your claim can be rejected even if the past condition you omitted while disclosing is unrelated to the condition for which you are hospitalised while on holiday. You might have thought about skipping the bypass surgery, for instance, you underwent 3 years back.

International holidays are meant to be filled with fun. However, a sudden illness or hospitalisation can dampen your spirits. The situation can get worse, if despite having travel insurance you must pay for your medical bills in the foreign currency no less.

Not disclosing your medical history amounts to material misrepresentation. This omission misleads the medical underwriters about the risk they have agreed to undertake. Such a situation was recently faced by Mr. Satish Jha when he travelled to the US. Although Mr. Jha had got himself a travel insurance plan before he boarded the flight, he did not disclose the bypass surgery he had two years back. Non-disclosure hit him hard when the insurance company rejected his claim against hospitalisation for pneumonia in the USA.

This was despite the fact that his reason for hospitalisation in the USA was unrelated to the heart ailment or the bypass surgery he had undergone in the past. While rejecting the claim, the company reminded Jha of his obligation to disclose past medical condition even if it has been cured.

Due to the rise in income levels and a general increase in the awareness about foreign destinations, there has been an increase in foreign travel these days. Be it a family outing, a solo adventure or for foreign education, foreign locations are increasingly making it to our list of destinations.

Travellers most often buy travel insurance to act as a shield against the prohibitive cost of medical treatment abroad. Travel insurance also cushions you from financial losses arising out of lost or stolen luggage, flight delay, trip cancellation and other trip-related glitches.

It is very easy to get travel insurance these days. You can get comprehensive travel insurance online. However, while purchasing travel insurance, it is important to make the right disclosures. Like health insurance, travel insurance claims can be rejected for a variety of reasons. Non-disclosure of your medical history data is one of the reasons for rejection of insurance claims.

Thus, it is very important to disclose your complete medical history while applying for travel insurance. Travel insurance can cushion you from the financial impact arising out of a host of ailments including permanent disability or death due to an accident if it is not linked to a pre-existing condition.

So, while travelling abroad do not forget to get a travel insurance policy and disclose your medical history.

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