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Off-Road GPS Navigation Devices: A Guide for Adventure Travelers

May 29 2015


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Arm yourself with a GPS navigation device

Adventure travelers love to explore unchartered terrains, be it mountains, rivers or forests. They take a detour from the main road into the wilderness of nature. However, majority of these areas are unmapped.

Don't they need something that helps them navigate this unmapped terrain? Physical maps and compass are good options. However, an off-road Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation device seems like an ideal companion too.

Need for Off-Road GPS Navigation Devices

Off-Road GPS Navigation Devices help you in tracking your route, and you know exactly where you are all the time. You can find directions while backpacking, hiking, river-rafting, and many more fun outdoor activities.

Imagine discovering a beautiful cave in the middle of a mountain trek. If you wish to explore it again in the future, you can even store its location on your device. Some devices also offer real-time weather forecasting to help people plan their trips better.

Which Device to Buy?

Explore new territories with off-road GPS navigation devicesExplore new territories with off-road GPS navigation devices

Ask yourself a few simple questions to zero in on the device.

Do my adventure traveling activities require devices with special capabilities? (E.g., waterproof devices for activities like scuba diving)

Does my existing device/application support off-road navigation activities?

Would I require a device with long battery life because of the nature of my adventure activities?

A sophisticated device is a must-have for seasoned adventure travelers.

Features of Off-Road Devices

Consider the following factors while buying an off-road navigation device:

  • Display and Size

    A bigger device and display are easier on the eye. Check whether you can easily see the display in direct sunlight. Adventure travelers frequently encounter rain, snow and storms. Choose a waterproof device that can work well in such conditions.

  • Interface and Features

    Choose a device that has a touch screen as you can operate it faster than traditional devices. The device should have routing preferences to help you choose the shortest distance or the safest route to your destination. The device can also have a feature to send an emergency message with your exact location in case you are lost or in danger.

  • Voice Commands

    Voice command is a useful feature that can help you in adventure activities like mountaineering. You can find your way hands-free!

  • Endurance

    Check the reviews of the device to find out about its performance in rough conditions, like extreme temperature and high humidity. Find out if the device can withstand a fall, as it may drop from a height during adventure activities.

Off-Road Device Apps

Many of us have smart phones. Why not convert our smart phones into GPS devices? Download off-road navigation Applications on your smart phone. Here are a few popular Apps:

  • Polaris Navigation GPS

    Perhaps the most popular off-road navigation App, it has many desirable features. Besides the exact location in terms of latitude and longitude, it shows your speed, altitude, distance covered, estimated time to reach the destination and a lot more.

  • Sygic and Map MyIndia
    Brace for that adventure tripBrace for that adventure trip

    Explore new territories with off-road GPS navigation devices

    As the name suggests, this application is India-specific. The application does not require an internet connection and works with GPS. You can create and save off-road trips with this app.

    With travelers becoming bolder and seeking newer horizons, adventure travel will continue its upward trajectory. This will drive the demand for newer devices and applications, making them better than ever. Exciting days ahead for adventure travel and off-road navigation devices! Bon Voyage!

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