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Insurance Article

The Advantages of Student Travel Insurance

May 26 2015
Learn how an insurance policy can assist your child in their time of need


Studying abroad? Don't forget insurance

Parents pay a large sum of money to provide quality education and international exposure to their children. At the same time, they are concerned about their child's safety and security in a foreign country.

Apart from toiling over textbooks and coursework, students spend a lot of their time socializing with new friends and travelling. Every exposure makes them vulnerable to various unfortunate incidents.

These apprehensions and risks, faced by parents and students alike, can be alleviated by a comprehensive travel insurance plan, a necessity when travelling abroad to study. The following points highlight the advantages of student insurance.

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Risks Faced During Travel

A major part of university life is about taking trips with your new friends - to a nearby city, town or even another country. This is a glorious opportunity for students to enjoy their newfound freedom and explore the world. However, there is always a chance that things will not always go according to plan.


Spring break is a popular holiday amongst students

Every year scores of students flock to popular destinations like Cancun and Ibiza during spring break. Many students have misplaced their passport during these spring break revelries, which is not only an inconvenience but also depletes their already light wallets.

Alternatively, common injuries like sprains and fractures are very common. All this is a part of the adventure, and is easier to handle when you have the financial backing of student travel insurance.

Valuable Guidance

When students are away from home, coping with an illness is the worst experience. Something as minor as a stomach upset can be crippling. In such a scenario, students can call the emergency hotline number of their insurance company to seek assistance on anything from a minor medical advice to lost baggage.

Peace of Mind for the Family


Let your child travel worry free

Parents often worry about their child right from the minute his/her flight takes off. Worrying will not help your child during an emergency, especially when he or she is thousands of miles away. In fact, incessant worrying will add to the stress of the situation.

With comprehensive student insurance, you can rest assured that your child will get valuable advice and financial security during any medical or non-medical emergency. Look for a policy that offers coverage for illness, accidents, lost baggage, missed flights, theft or other international emergencies. This will assure you of their well-being, and allow your child to travel with confidence.

Safe Studying

Student Insurance has several advantages that will assist your child throughout their stay abroad. It is an essential insurance cover, which is usually mandatory in most foreign universities. Compare different policies to determine which one has the most coverage, as features vary between companies. Once your child's travels abroad are insured, you can sit back and watch them flourish as independent, global citizens.

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