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Insurance Article

Think You Can Skip Purchasing Travel Insurance? Think Again

May 26 2015


Disaster strikes without any warning, and can ruin your entire holiday. Nonetheless, preparation and precaution are the key ways to prevent financial losses for you and your family. Two travelers recount how they dealt with their misadventures abroad.

Horrific Honeymoon

 A view of Table Mountain from the city

A view of Table Mountain from the city

Shortly after our wedding, my wife and I embarked upon a twelve-day long trip to South Africa. Our itinerary included Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria, where we were to visit the wildlife reserves and other places of interest.

Thrilled during our cable-car ride to the top, we had no idea that our trip end so prematurely. While exploring the mountain, my wife slipped on some moss and landed awkwardly on her ankle. Swelling and unbearable pain forced us to rush to the nearest doctor, who informed us that she had fractured her foot.

My wife was could not walk and required the constant assistance of a wheelchair. Naturally, the remainder of our trip had to be cancelled, and we caught the next flight back to India. On the bright side, our insurance policy reimbursed my wife's medical bills and the trip cancellation clause compensated the money we lost in tickets and reservations. I agree that our honeymoon was a total disaster, but travel insurance saved our money, which we used to plan another holiday in the future.

- Vishal, 28, Chartered Accountant from Mumbai

Tribulations of Travel

Insurance covers loss of

Insurance covers loss of checked in baggage

A recent business trip to Japan was a complete comedy of errors, as a result of bad luck and negligence by the airline. My journey to Osaka had a stopover in Hong Kong, where I had to catch a connecting flight. According to my travel itinerary, I was to touch down at Osaka on the morning of my two-day business conference.

My misfortune began in India itself, when my flight from Delhi was delayed for 4 hours. This delay made me miss my connecting flight, ruining my chances of reaching Osaka on time.

Waiting till the early hours of next morning, I boarded the next flight extremely disgruntled and annoyed. As fate would have it, the airline misplaced my luggage! Short of any kind of patience, I tried expressing my grief to the Japanese officials. After hearing few lines of broken English from the officials, I realized that I would have to wait for 3-4 days for them to locate my luggage.

I could not attend the conference without appropriate clothing, which I had lost along with my luggage. Disappointed and upset, I spent the remaining 2 days exploring the city, only after spending a considerable sum of money on clothes and other essentials. Fortunately, my comprehensive insurance policy reimbursed the financial losses incurred out of trip delays and misplaced luggage to a certain extent. Not having to bear these unexpected expenses made the whole ordeal relatively bearable.

- Rajiv, 35, Businessman from Delhi

Safe Travelling

Before embarking on a journey, think about all possible risks you may face in the country you are travelling to. Ascertain possible solutions to these problems, so that you are not completely helpless when faced with a crisis. However, preparation does not always mitigate unexpected emergencies; insure your travels to avoid unanticipated financial strain for your peace of mind.

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