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Love Skiing? Here Are the Top Ski Destinations for You

November 10 2018

Spectacular views are guaranteed on any skiing destination

So you love skiing and understandably so – the combination of the adrenaline rush and the scenic views are hard to beat. But, you’re not sure about which ski destination to conquer next? We’ve compiled a list of the top ski destinations worldwide that offer not only the best ski trails and experiences but also a variety of other indulgences.

Megève, France


Megève, France is a winter wonderland

If you want to experience a winter wonderland that feels right out of a fairy tale, then Megève, the beautiful ski resort village tucked away in the French Alps, should be your pick. Built in 1916, the ski resort has its medieval essence intact with cobbled streets, a traffic-free core, an open-air ice rink, and a gorgeous church lit beautifully at night.

The ski expanse is extensive and while it’s best enjoyed by intermediates, there are plenty of other activities one can enjoy including ice skating, tennis, mountain climbing, and bowling; ensuring that everyone has a good time.

With a skiing expanse spread over three separate mountains, rustic chalets, designer boutiques, the view of Mont Blanc and fresh snowfall: Megève makes for one of the top ski destinations in the world.

Pyeongchang, South Korea


Ski in the 2018 Winter Olympics destination in PyeongChang

After the Winter Olympics of 2018, the South Korean gem of PyeongChang has become a hot spot for all ski enthusiasts. The skiing experience in PyeongChang is a unique one meant for those who are open to a modern, peculiar and fun experience that is full of energy.

If imagining yourself skiing in neon attire along the trails of the Taebaek mountains to Korean music blasting through the speakers at midnight spreads a grin across your face, then you must spend your next winter in this top ski destination.

In addition to a vibrant and fun ski culture, you’ll get to enjoy delicious BBQs that can be washed down with soju, the traditional alcoholic drink. You’ll also be able to treat your body well after a long adventurous day by soaking in hot tubs and getting massages in Korean spas known as jjimjibang.

Gstaad, Switzerland


Gstaad is a winter marvel offering skiers a thrilling and majestic experience

A magnificent castle sitting on the foothills of the Swiss Alps, one of the largest ski areas in Europe and an upscale resort town – does Gstaad need another reason to be on the list of the top ski destinations in the world? Even so, we have plenty more!

Gstaad is one of those rare ski destinations that offer the experience of night skiing. In addition to the gorgeous castle and the numerous chic chalets being illuminated by a string of white fairy lights, the ski region of Rinderberg is lit beautifully at night to offer a “snow night” no skier can ever forget.

The winter marvel of Gstaad can be enjoyed by beginners and intermediates alike. There are several learning parks consisting of practice slopes for beginners and children, supervised by professionals. There’s no better place to have your first ski experience!

Whistler, Canada


Explore the largest ski resort in North America in Whistler

A British Columbian town, Whistler is home to Whistler Blackcomb, one of the largest ski resorts in North America. What professionals got to do in the 2010 Winter Olympics, you can now do in the very same Olympic Park, from skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing to ski jumping and tobogganing.

Relish authentic Belgian waffles and delicious hot cappuccinos while taking a stroll in the car-free pedestrian Whistler Village centre. Relax your muscles in the luxurious Scandinave Spa set in wilderness or take a breath-taking helicopter ride around the scenic area. With live music, concerts and pitchers of margaritas, Whistler knows how to entertain its guests well, making it one of the top ski destinations worldwide.

We know you are itching to start planning your next ski adventure in one of the above top ski destinations. But before you go grab your favourite people and enjoy the wonders of a white winter, there’s an important thing you should take care of.

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