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Insurance Article

Travel Gear Essentials

October 10 2016
Travel Gear Essentials

Pack Now, Pack Right

A journey of a thousand miles, a number of countries and unlimited travel. It seems like a task, but what helps ease out this process is your travel gear.

Ever given it a thought? If you have the right accessory at the right time on your foreign trip, you add to your comfort and security manifold. So why wait for an unexpected event to ruin your schedule.

Many a times, the documents go missing, your network wouldn’t stop fluctuating in times of need, and much more. These days travel does not glue only to, essentials to carry or must-haves'. It rather extends to the hacks and gears that make travel convenient.

A travel gear guide would do that best and we bring to you a list of travel gears you will definitely be interested in:

On the Go Wireless:

Our society often enjoys travelling off the grid and the most difficult task therein is to stay connected with the world outside. But with a wireless travel gear that helps stay connected, you could travel to far and wide. For emergencies and minute updates on social media, your bag needs to hold this gear to match up with your ultimate travel schedule.

Dry Gear Back:

Imagine a dry bag that keeps all your valuables sheltered at the beach. Stop thinking and pack it right away. Choose an ultra-lightweight dry bag gear that is going to help you bring cameras and electronics to your water adventures.

The Setback Organiser:

Go handy with your documents and i-pads and organize all of them in one with an organiser. This gear solves your problems of handling gadgets, documents and personal belongings all at one time and all in one hand.

The Convertible:

Many of us combine business with travel, and not everyone loves to explore the new city you're travelling to, with a formal office suitcase bag. With this quirky looking convertible bag you can you can now transform to being the cool one with a backpack from the chic business look within minutes.

Scooter Suitcase:

Forget moving walkways and airport trolleys—now there's a brand-new way to get around airports. This new tech invention allows travelers to sit on their luggage while it carries them from gate to gate.

With six miles per battery charge, the sturdy suitcase can transport up to 260 pounds at a speed of 8 miles per hour, making it super convenient for senior citizens and kids.

Another essential hack that most people ignore while travelling is travel insurance. Do not forget to safeguard yourself with a travel insurance that covers all your basic needs as while the passport might validate your entry in a foreign country, an insurance is going to help you enjoy the journey worry-free!

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