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Travel Ideas For 2017

February 02 2017
Chile - Torres Del Paine National Park

Travel the world in 2017 with these interesting travel ideas

Travelling around the world is far easier today than you can imagine and it helps you to become a well-rounded human being. The challenges and opportunities in travelling help you to discover yourself along with creating meaningful relationships. It helps you to educate yourself, visit adventurous destinations, and develop surviving skills along with new perspectives, languages, and dreams.

The idea of best holiday destinations differs widely from one person to the other. However, some places are unequivocally brilliant and indisputably incredible that it would take an extra-ordinary effort not to like them. Here are some of the most amazing and unexplored destinations, which you must visit this year:


Guayaquil is a vibrant sprawling city and the commercial heart of Ecuador. It is the main port and the top access point for Galapagos cruises. The city has revitalised riverfront promenade with plazas, playgrounds, monuments, galleries, gardens, and two great museums.

The city offers its best view at night, when the sparkling lights above the hillside village of Las Penas back the Ferris wheel - Ecuador’s newest toy. The wooden houses still stand tall and give an impression of the old, picturesque colonial Guayaquil. The 465-step climb to the top of Santa Ana Hill provides sweeping views.

Copenhagen: Venice of the north


Chile is the land of startling extremes. The driest place in the world, Atacama Desert, lies in the north of the country whereas the Patagonia lies at the other end. There are rich green valleys, fertile vineyards, lakes, volcanoes, and acres of coastline along with vast swathes of untouched wilderness.

Torres Del Paine is a mountain range and national park in the Southern Chilean Patagonia - one of the most beautiful places on earth - along with 36 other national parks. Chile offers an enormous range of outdoor activities, including volcano-climbing, skiing, surfing, white-water rafting, fly-fishing, and horse riding.


A land of thousand castles, Granada is the capital of the Granada province, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. It is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, at the confluence of four rivers, the Beiro, the Darro, the Genil, and the Monachil.

Nasrids, the final Islamic dynasty, constructed the palaces and gardens of the Alhambra. Every visit reveals more of the secrets concealed in their intricate architecture. The tiled fountains in tiny squares, flowers tumbling over whitewashed walls and the tasty tapas at the local bars will seep into your soul.


Constantly ranked amongst the happiest cities in the world, Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark with the X factor. The city is surrounded by sea and is referred as the "Venice of the North.” Its cobbled bike friendly streets with colourful town houses, craft studios, and candle-lit cafes further add to its charm.

The city has even more to offer with plenty of beautiful beaches, wooded parks, and elegant lakes only a few minutes away. The three central palaces of Copenhagen - Christiansborg, Rosenborg, and Amalienborg are a lifetime experience in themselves.

Ulaanbaatar: The changing face of Mongolia


The fourth most sparsely inhabited territory on Earth; Ulaanbaatar is a place of natural and cultural diversity with endless possibilities for discovery and adventure. The city has vast rolling steppes, coruscating upland lakes, tumbling rivers, beautiful green pine forests and shifting dunes of the Gobi desert.

The changing face of Mongolia, the city has a pulsating traffic, wild traffic, and bohemian culture. The city is full of exciting contrasts, one moment you are looking at a Mercedes, the next moment at a Buddhist monk. This amazing city will be the biggest surprise of your next Mongolian trip.

Before you set out for these exciting destinations, do not forget to opt for comprehensive international travel insurance. A travel insurance will protect you from any untoward incidents on a foreign land.

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