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Insurance Article

Travel insurance - Coverage

May 10 2012

excitement and joy. But same as the most of the things in life, risk is associated with travel. In order to preparation against any odds and to minimize the risk Travel insurance tops the list of to do/ to prepare in case of travel planning. For frequent travelers level of importance is even higher. No matter how frequent you travel, how acquainted you are with the place and modes some events are not under your control which can turn a relaxing trip into jinxed experience. While planning a travel, look for the options of travel insurance to minimize the risk and to get the coverage for any unforeseen events.


Curtailments, Trip Cancellation or interruption: Under this section one can get the reimbursement in case of trip cancellation due to some unavoidable reasons e.g. bad health of self/family member, weather conditions, airline strike, sudden change in schedule. For same, insurance provider promises to reimburse the percentage amount to the insurer as a benefit. Travel delay is also covered under visitor insurance. For any reason if the flight gets delayed, insurer can claim for food and clothing expenses caused due to such delays.

Medical or health condition: Due to bad medical or health condition while travelling one can avail medical benefits, for same one can pay upfront and get the reimbursement later on. If the in-network healthcare facilities available same could be cashless. Reimbursement is also applicable for medical evacuation, this section covers the cost of transportation charges in case of medical emergency.

Baggage loss: Travel insurance is extends to reimbursement the insurer loss caused by loss of luggage. It is also applicable if the luggage or baggage will be stolen or damaged by some uncontrolled or external reasons. Same is applicable for the duration of trip and is not applicable in case of such loss due to airline companies. For same one needs to notify the luggage before travelling.

Accidental death: It covers the death due to airline accident, common carrier or accidents. Death due to airline accident is covered under travel insurance. It covers highest coverage for lower risk. Death due to common carrier like bus, train, ferry is also covered under transit insurance. Insurer compensated nominee for occurrence of any such event during the trip.

Damage of rented vehicle: Insurer compensates specified amount in case of damage of rental vehicle.

Above all are the most likable probabilities in case of travel. Avoiding same would not be wise decision. For getting travel insurance online options could be of great help. Travel agent can also be contacted. Before connecting with anyone one need to understand one’s own need and then to plan accordingly. Keep in mind that no policy is the finest one but can be closest to individuals need. One can also opt for add-on policies, customized one. If you are scheduled to travel next week, buckle-up for choosing for the most suitable policy for you.

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