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Insurance Article

Travel Insurance – An essential element for planning a family trip

January 08 2019

Purchase a travel insurance plan to ensure a convenient and hassle-free trip with your familyinsurance

A vacation with your family can be the perfect opportunity to have an enthralling time with your loved ones and create some lifetime memories to be cherished forever. Depending upon your budget and appetite, you can plan a trip to any part of India ranging from Kashmir to Kanyakumari or travel abroad with your kids and spouse.

While travelling may take you to the most exciting, exhilarating, and vibrant corners of the planet, it also comes with a fair share of risks and considerations. Hence, you need to be prepared to tackle such unwanted situations that can ruin your entire vacation on foreign shores.

There are travel insurance plans to provide you with that extra cushion in case you land in any trouble during the trip. It ensures you a convenient and hassle-free vacation by covering you and your family against most of the mishaps that may arise during the trip. Whether you’re travelling within the country or abroad, there are different plans structured to suit your varying needs and provide you with maximum benefits.

Below are some of the primary reasons to pack a travel insurance policy as an essential part of your family vacation:

Hassle-free cancellations – In case you have to cancel your trip due to some unavoidable circumstances, you may incur a big loss of money in the form of cancellation charges deducted by the airlines and hotels. However, if you have valid travel insurance, you will be provided with a trip cancellation coverage that may save you from such losses and ensure hassle-free cancellations in case you need to do so.

Rescheduling your trip – Sometimes, due to bad weather conditions or other pressing circumstances, you may be required to reschedule your flights and arrange for accommodation while going or returning from the journey. A travel insurance policy may come in handy during such a scenario as it may help you in providing alternative accommodation and arranging for tickets in the next possible flight.

Coverage against medical emergencies – In the event of a sudden ailment or medical emergency to any of your family members during a foreign trip, your travel insurance package can come to your aid by covering the treatment charges and medical bills. You will also receive immediate assistance from the partnering healthcare facilities in your vicinity.

Pre-existing illness cover – While most travel insurance plans do not cover pre-existing ailments, you can ask the insurer to provide a cover for the emergency treatment of pre-existing medical conditions at a nominal addition to the premium amount. Declare clearly the medical history of all members at the time of policy purchase to avoid any trouble at the time of claim.

Baggage lost or misplaced – Checked-in baggage getting lost or misdirected to a different destination is a very common issue that you may face while travelling. To avoid such a scenario, the insurance coverage for lost or misplaced baggage ensures that your belongings come back to you. In case your baggage is permanently lost, you will be reimbursed for the major contents inside it, including precious items and other essentials required to live comfortably during the trip

Losing your passport – You may have to face a host of challenges, including legal and financial, if anyone in your family loses his/her passport abroad. However, with travel insurance coverage for lost passports, you will be assisted in getting a new passport as soon as possible and will also be provided financial aid for tackling the situation.

Emergency assistance – You may be left deserted or stuck in a natural calamity while wandering on foreign land. Such a situation can be horrifying for you as well as your family. But if you have a travel insurance plan, the insurance company will assist you by providing alternate accommodation or transport to move to the safer location.

The above reasons clearly explain why it’s prudent to pack travel insurance as the first thing the next time you plan a family trip with your loved ones. You can rely on the insurer to have your back during the trip, while you create some evergreen memories.

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