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Insurance Article

Travel Insurance Lessons You Need to Learn After Mexico's Earthquake

October 10 2017
Travel Insurance Coverage

Benefits of investing in travel insurance as a protection from natural and unnatural hazards

A massive earthquake hit Mexico on 19th September 2017. This earthquake that lasted for approximately 20 seconds caused great damage in the Mexican states of Puebla and Morelos, including massive collapse of more than 40 buildings, injuring 6,000 people and killing 370.

The earthquake affected airlines: causing rescheduling, cancellation and delays in the flight schedules. Also, travellers experienced inconvenience in finding a safe accommodation and food in the chaos. Every natural calamity hits hard on the traveling schedule and budget. A travel insurance can come to rescue you in such crisis.

Here are few benefits of travel insurance that you might not know.

Coverage of Natural Hazards:

Some travel insurance plans cover all hazards including natural disasters. Travel insurance covers a vast spectrum from lost passports to emergency medical expenses. If a traveller has to evacuate their accommodation, the insurance will provide a safe place to stay and also prepone tickets for escaping the place.

Coverage for Trip Cancellation or Interruption:

Trip cancellations may happen anytime and under unfavourable circumstances. While you are helpless about the heartache it usually brings, you can at least recover the monetary loss. An insurance will give back to you your pre-booking expenses that includes – costs on non-refundable flight bookings, prepaid package bookings, hotel bookings and sightseeing bookings.

If there is any cancellation of flights while you are on the trip, the insurance will give you compensation for the extra time you spend at the airport and some contribution for the next flight you try to book.

Insurance of Your baggage:

A travel insurance policy does not only cover major issues, but their branches reach out to trivial problems like a lost baggage or damage. If a baggage delivery is delayed, you may have to purchase some necessary items out of your pocket. It is possible to get a reimbursement of the cost via your travel insurance.

Insurance Against Theft:

Although travel insurance cannot avoid misfortunes during your trip, they can surely give you monetary compensation for your loss. Most travel insurance companies are available for assisting you 24x7. If you meet with an accidental theft or lose your belonging, you can seek their help.

Lost passports, baggage, documents and other belongings are dealt with effectively, and the company guides you to the nearest local emergency services for such mishaps. This kind of assistance is especially useful when you are traveling to a foreign country where people do not speak your language.

Travel Medical Insurance:

Some travel insurance policies cover medical expenses that are incurred because of accidents and illnesses. Medical treatments can be very expensive in some countries. Travellers who have sustained some serious injury may have to spend heavily on treatment which can amount to lakhs and crores of rupees.

With a travel medical insurance, the traveller will get back the money they spend on the medical treatment. The medical insurance also covers expenses for emergency medical evacuation including emergency ticket bookings and travel expenses.

Other coverages

Other types of coverage include travel delays, personal liability, accidental death, tour operator default, repatriation, dental expenses, legal expenses, emergency reunions and personal liabilities.

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