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Insurance Article

Travel Insurance with Medical Cover – What to Expect

October 31 2017
Travel Insurance with Medical Cover

You've finally managed to take the time off, and your family is headed out on that dream holiday you've been planning for years. As you're strolling down the cobbled streets, your child trips and hits her head against the pavement. You rush her to the nearest doctor, and you end up paying far more than you should, but you're in a foreign country, and you don't know what else to do!

More often than not, disaster strikes when we least expect it, and a small mishap could ruin what would have been a great holiday. Instead of letting your worst nightmare come to life, invest in a good travel medical insurance plan the next time you travel, and you will definitely enjoy some peace of mind.

What is Travel Insurance?

With the world becoming a smaller place every day, travel insurance plans help ease financial troubles when something untoward happens while we're out of town. While these plans are usually focused on insuring the traveller against delayed or cancelled flights and lost baggage, an increasing number of erudite travellers are also ensuring that medical cover is included in their travel plans.

Why do I need health coverage in my Travel Insurance?

There are multiple reasons for this, including:

  • Your domestic health insurance policy may not be valid internationally.
  • Trip insurance mainly covers travel concerns like lost baggage or cancellation, and provides only limited medical emergency coverage.
  • Trip insurance is usually valid for a short period of time, whereas you may require more comprehensive coverage for a longer duration.
  • For the adventure seeker, sudden medical emergencies may be part and parcel of the sport or activity undertaken like mountaineering, skiing, surfing, etc.

What medical treatments are covered?

Travel insurance      usually covers the following medical options:

  • Medical emergencies - Emergencies for you or your loved ones due to an accident that requires immediate treatment.
  • Evacuation/Transportation to the nearest health facility - Air lifts or ambulance evacuations to the nearest medical facility where care can be provided.
  • Short term medical or dental treatment - A sudden illness like food poisoning, or infections that require hospitalisation for a short period of time.
  • Accidental death - Transportation of the body back home or to the nearest funeral home. Life insurance benefits for family members.
  • Disability coverage - Coverage for any temporary or permanent disability caused during travel that can impact the patient's quality of life.

Benefits of health coverage:

  • Plans usually include 24/7 travel assistance services to locate nearest facilities for medical emergencies
  • Cashless transactions at in-network hospitals
  • Travel arrangement for a family or friend to visit you in case of hospitalisation
  • Medical referrals from doctors and hospitals


While purchasing travel insurance with a health cover, always ensure you mention any pre-existing health conditions very clearly. Not doing so may cause you to lose complete coverage. Many insurance carriers are happy to cover these pre-existing conditions at an additional premium. It's always better to be safe than sorry, and a comprehensive travel plan with medical cover is clearly the only way to make travel a little less stressful.

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