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Insurance Article

Travelling to Dallas? There is something for everybody

April 15 2015

The dazzling Dallas skyline

The dazzling Dallas skyline

Dallas, Texas is a city that offers something for everyone, right from history buffs to nightlife lovers. Tourists with a creative bent of mind can roam around for hours at its largest arts district and enjoy electric performances and colorful festivals. Entertainment lovers can chill out at its buzzing amusement districts.

1. Loads of Free Attractions

With a wide range of free attractions to visit and a huge number of free motels, Dallas is a dream come true for budget travelers. The city offers a wide range of wilderness trails to be in touch with nature. You can go a hiking trip at Cidar Ridge Preserve, or taste fresh fruits and vegetables at the Dallas Farmers Market.

2. Entertainment Choices

Discover your artistic side at Dallas downtown - Arts District

Discover your artistic side at Dallas downtown - Arts District

Get a slice of the good life at Bishop Arts District. Cafes, boutiques, galleries and bars offer exciting options for tourists. If you are a connoisseur of wine, take one of the famed Wine Walks in the district. If you are yet not satisfied, take a stroll at the Dallas Arts district. Spread across a sprawling 68 acres, it is home to museums, churches and extraordinary architecture.

Though Dallas is an awesome place for entertainment, do not lose yourself! A few rough areas are notorious for crime during the night. Avoid areas like Greenville, Bryan Street, Gaston, Oak Cliff during night.

3. Places to See

Dallas has something for children and adults alike. Children have a gala time at different fun events at the Dallas Children's theater. They can be at close quarters with different animals at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. It is not only a fun place for children, but for families too.

Families can also have a fun outing at Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park. Enjoy its extreme rides - you can move up at a gravity defying speed with its rockets. Alternatively, fall down at a breakneck speed with its bungee jumping activity.

4. Nature's Attractions

Spend time relaxing at Dallas' gardens

Spend time relaxing at Dallas' gardens

Dallas is nature's abode with its different botanical gardens. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is the most famous with its blossoming flowers and awesome adventure camps. If you are a history lover, visit the Fort Worth Botanic Garden with its museum and exotic flowers like orchids and roses.

Move over to Ijen Crater with its gushing waterfalls and riveting volcanic scenery. If you wish to move over from the drama of volcanoes, laze around at its coffee plantations.

5. A Word of Caution

Tourists love nature but so do insects. Dallas is infamous for its mosquitoes' leading to diseases. It faces the peculiar West Nile Disease problem, especially during the summers. Take adequate precautions like wearing full-sleeved shirts.

Another issue that Dallas is infamous for is its stellar crime rate. In fact, Dallas has one of the highest crime rates in America. Here, you face a one in 20 chance of becoming a victim of either a violent or a property crime.

Safeguard yourself against such risks by opting for a comprehensive travel insurance policy before flying to Dallas. Read more to find out about the various types of coverage and inclusions that you can opt for. Basic aspects like cashless hospitalization, coverage for hospitalization in case of Swine Flu/ H1N1 influenza, as well as coverage for loss of passport, or loss of belongings are covered.

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