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Vive La France!

May 29 2015


Eiffel Tower, situated in the heart of ParisEiffel Tower, situated in the heart of Paris

The most-visited country in the world, France ranks high among every traveler's wish list. Over the years, it has become synonymous with fashion, food, beauty, and romance. Need more reasons to visit France? Read on.

L'amour is in the Air

Stand atop the Alexander III Bridge in ParisStand atop the Alexander III Bridge in Paris

France is abuzz with a lovely vibe. Lyrical landscapes, laid-back gardens, and fascinating architecture permeate the cityscapes. Whether you visit a large city like Marseilles or a modern village in Normandy, a polite 'Bonjour' (Meaning, 'Hello'; Pronounced, bo~/zhour) ensures you'll never be lonely in France.


Gastronomic Delights

Taste the artistic delicaciesTaste the artistic delicacies

France offers food connoisseurs unforgettable gourmet food to tantalize their taste buds. For the French, every dish served is an art in itself, which is the reason they have elaborate luncheons that aim to treat all five senses.

Enjoy a cup of coffee or bite into a warm croissant in one of the roadside bistros. Since the French emphasize on preserving the old traditions, these art nouveau cafes often feature plat du jour (dish of the day) chalked on the boards.


World Class Art and Architecture

Pay homage to the martyrs of the French Revolutionary War, Arc de TriomphePay homage to the martyrs of the French Revolutionary War, Arc de Triomphe

The astounding number of French artists, philosophers, and writers are a testimony to the rich ambience that inspires minds. Walk down the street of Arles to experience the tranquility that stimulated Vincent Van Gogh. The numerous museums spread across the country house the masterpieces created by various French artists. Among these museums, the Louvre is an indispensable part of the France itinerary that houses artwork from around the world.

France is also renowned for its lavish renaissance architecture. Visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral at Paris known for its splendid gothic architecture. In addition, the landscape of France is speckled with whimsical chateaux. With a major concentration in the Loire Valley, they are adorned with rich draperies, elegant frescoes and elaborate rooflines that sing of the glorious days of the past. Some of them are:

  • Chateau de Chambord
  • Palace of Versailles
  • Chateau de Chaumont
  • Chateau de Pierrefonds
  • Chateau de Chenonceau
  • Mont St. Michel

Youthful Art de Vivre

Go sailing in MarseillesGo sailing in Marseilles

Be enraptured by the vivid French art de vivre (lifestyle). Large cities such as Nice, Cannes and many more, throb with nightlife and shopping opportunities. Meanwhile, Marseilles lets you enjoy the idyllic climate of the Mediterranean. You can even surf the waves in the Bay of Biscay.

The cultural centre of France, Paris will capture your heart. Watch the Moulin Rouge show, cruise up the Seine River, or settle down in a neo-bistro to watch the Parisian way of life.


Wine Valleys and Fromage

Walk through the legendary vineyardsWalk through the legendary vineyards

Escape to the countryside for wine tasting. The cities Champagne or Bordeaux are famous for their legendary wine prepared from the centuries old vineyards. Surrounded by picturesque villages, these vineyards produce top-notch coveted wine.

France makes 350-400 different types of cheese. A passionate foodie or not, a brunch prepared from any of these fromage will make you crave for more.

Promising the journey of a lifetime, France is the perfect destination for travelers seeking a break from the conventional trail. To fully enjoy the pleasures France has to offer, leave all your worries behind. A comprehensive travel insurance plan takes care of all your travel related anxiety. Such a plan can cover risks like trip cancellation, and provide compensation for total loss of checked-in baggage, including handbags

A sudden hospitalization abroad can be harrowing, but the cashless hospitalization facility provided in your travel insurance can ease your financial worries. If you fall in love with the city and plan to extend your stay, you can even extend your travel insurance plan too. With all those risks and worries taken care of, Allez! France awaits you.

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