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What must you consider when buying overseas travel insurance policy for an employee?

January 14 2013
structured overseas travel insurance policy. Employers must consider a travel insurance policy to ensure hassle free stay for their employee so that work is not affected due to a sudden emergency. Such a travel insurance policy must be carefully selected to offer optimum coverage to the employee going on a business trip abroad.

The easiest way to select the perfect travel insurance plan is to search online for different quotes offered by insurance companies in India. Employers must opt for a plan that is specially designed for business trips as the needs of the corporate sector vary from other types of travellers.

Many a times, employees are required to make an overseas travel on a short notice. Arranging a meeting with the insurance agent and going through all the paperwork is likely to disrupt your planning schedule. Considering the paucity of time, it is wise to opt for a travel insurance policy that offers quick, online issuance. A variety of insurance providers offer the online mode of policy issuance where with a few clicks of the mouse, the employee receives a policy certificate.

When selecting an overseas travel insurance policy, you must carefully read the payment structure. Since the duration of a business trip may get extended, employers should opt for plans that have a flexible payment structure. Many insurance providers have pay per day payment policy that greatly helps to reduce overall travelling cost. This feature is extremely beneficial to the employer as an extension in the trip duration will not amount to extra charges to enjoy coverage.

Another feature to consider is the medical cover offered by the insurance policy selected for your employee. Medical aid is expensive abroad and is likely to burden the employee when making payment for treatment bills. Also, the physical distance may at times make it impossible for the employer to reach out and offer prompt aid. All such problems can be avoided if your overseas travel policy offers medical coverage for different ailments.

Apart from a medical emergency, many travellers run the risk of losing their passport which may put them on the wrong side of the law of the land. You must ensure that your overseas travel and expenses policy offers coverage for loss of such an important document. Compensation offered for all the expenses borne for issuing a new or duplicate copy of the passport will further reduce the financial burden on the employee and also help to reduce stress.

Careful consideration of all these policy features will not only safeguard your employee travelling abroad but also make his trip fruitful and hassle-free.

Disclaimer - The article contains only an indication of the cover offered. For complete details on coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.

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