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Insurance Article

Who needs Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

May 29 2015

Multi-trip travel insurance is designed for travelers who frequently travel overseas and wish to buy a single travel insurance policy to cover all the trips. Under a multi-trip plan, you can visit many countries several times, within one year.

With a single policy you can cover the different perils you may face in the countries you're visiting, while saving money at the same time. Multi-trip travel insurance may be slightly more expensive than a single-trip policy, but it is much cheaper compared to the total cost of multiple single-trip policies. For example, a single-trip policy for 30 days costs approximately Rs. 3000, while a multi-trip policy costs Rs. 6000, the latter being more economical if you are a globetrotter.

How Does It Work?

Multi-trip insurance is tailored for travelling businessmenMulti-trip insurance is tailored for travelling businessmen

A multi-trip travel insurance policy is valid for one year, during which you can make as many trips as you want. However, before choosing the policy you have to choose the maximum duration of all your trips, which can be 30 days, 45 days or 60 days. Your yearly premium is calculated on the basis of your age and the maximum duration you choose.

The plan covers a wide range of unfortunate incidents that frequent travelers face. Get compensated for untimely flight cancellations and delays, the bane of most travelers. Contracted agents and businessmen need to travel very often for projects and conferences, which makes the multi-trip plan an ideal purchase for them.

What Does It Cover?

Add up to 4 children to your multi-trip policyAdd up to 4 children to your multi-trip policy

Apart from inconveniences like loss of baggage and your passport, this policy covers any expenses due to health issues or injuries abroad. Cashless hospitalization, medical assistance and dental care are some of the key health benefits such policies offer. With such an extensive coverage, you can travel without any worries and stay focused on your work commitments.

Up to 4 children (under 18 years of age) can be added to your policy, and will get the same insurance coverage as you. This is beneficial for families that take their children for several vacations a year.

Value Added Services for Dependants

When you travel for several days in a year, your family back home might need additional assistance. In your absence, the value added services can make your family's life easier. The insurance company provides assistance to dependants regarding the following services.

Medical Concierge   Automotive Assistance   Lifestyle Services
  • Medical assistance over the phone
  • Appointments for medical treatment
  • Home Nursing Care
  • Minor on the spot repair
  • Breakdown assistance and towing
  • Flat tire service
  • Jumbpstart
  • Gift and Flower delivery assistance
  • Dining reservation assistance
  • Plumbing assistance
  • Electrical assistance
  • Pest control assistance
  • Home cleaning assistance
  • Electrical gadget repair assistance

Purchase your multi-trip travel insurance here, to protect your travel plans and provide greater security to your family back home.

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