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Insurance Article

Why Insurance is a must for International Travel?

January 15 2015

However, one must make sure that the trip is remembered for the right reasons. The best way to do that is to hope and pray that everything works out fine. And, if the almighty somehow misses your prayers, you can always have a backup plan in the form of international travel insurance. Travel insurance is like the substitute player in a cricket team. You don’t need a substitute when things are going fine but you sure are glad to have one in case of an emergency. Read on to know why insurance is a must for international travel.


<h3">Lost Identity </h3">

Losing a passport in a foreign land is scarier than watching all horror movies combined. Misplacing crucial documents is nothing less than a living nightmare for a traveler. Travel insurance takes care of such an unfortunate event by reimbursing expenses incurred towards the procurement of a duplicate/temporary passport. So, availing a travel cover can cure you of potential panic attacks in case of lost passport abroad.

Baggage Woes

Nomadic lifestyles are fascinating, except that experiencing one in a foreign land may not be intriguing. Loss of checked-in baggage or inordinate delays in procuring baggage can render you as a temporary nomad. In such a case the insurance company reimburses you for the emergency purchases made during that period. If the luggage is lost then your insurance cover makes sure you are compensated for the market value of the lost items. A comprehensive insurance policy can also compensate for the loss suffered due to a missed connecting flight.

Home Safe Home

Travel insurance not only secures you against unfortunate events in a foreign land but also against events arising back home. Burglars are drawn to unattended houses like bees drawn to honey. You can cover loss of contents due to burglary and natural or manmade disasters by opting for travel insurance.

Aid for Medical Aid

The financial effects of hospitalization last even after you are discharged from the place. It burns a huge hole in your pocket, especially if you earn in rupees and spend in dollars. A travel medical insurance policy will aid you for medical aid and ensure that you are compensated for the expenses in the form of a cashless settlement or a reimbursement settlement.

Personal Liability

The insurance sector has modified the age-old saying to ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do, otherwise they’ll sue you!’ Laws of a foreign land can be tricky. You may not intend to but might offend someone or cause damage to a person or his property accidentally, resulting in a legal tussle. A travel insurance policy featuring a personal liability cover provides you with a financial cushion during such difficult conditions. By now, you surely would have grasped the importance of travel insurance plans. So, before heading abroad next time, choose a travel policy that offers comprehensive coverage. All you need to do is go online and avail one that suits you and your journey. Making your trip memorable for the right reasons after all, is in your hands.

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