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Insurance Article

Why Senior citizens need Travel Insurance?

January 15 2015
why senior citizens need travel insurance

However, after a certain age, mind and body become like the ruling party and the opposition, they cannot see eye to eye. You may be young in your headspace but the body like a once roaring vehicle, depreciates with time. This is no reason to dampen your spirits. It, however, is a good reason to travel with precaution as travelling in a foreign land comes with its share of concerns. Unforeseen events can leave you stranded or burn a hole in your pocket or worse still, do both. Known to offer a cushioning effect, travel insurance plans play a key role in safeguarding your trip and help you travel without worries. These cover your trip and stay abroad, acting as a backup in case your luck runs out (unless of course, you wish to make futile claims by availing travel insurance like the elderly couple in the picture). Stay with us as we touch upon factors that encourage senior citizens to opt for travel insurance.

Cashless Hospitalization

Arranging for cash in trying conditions is a huge hassle faced by ailing travelers. A sound travel insurance plan provides the facility of cashless hospitalization. Due to this facility, you do not need to bother about making cash payments for the hospital bill. You simply can avail the necessary treatment by filling a cashless claim form at any of the networked hospitals (present worldwide) and let your insurance company settle your expenses.

Comprehensive Cover

TEMisplacing baggage, missing a flight and falling ill on a tour, top a traveler's nightmare list. A comprehensive travel insurance plan covers risks such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, missed flight connection, political risk, repatriation of remains, and catastrophe evacuation along with other perils.

Few Notes: 1. Citizens up to the age of 85 years can avail travel insurance without the need to undergo any medical test.

2. In addition to knowing what is covered it is vital to understand what is not covered as well. Claims will not be entertained if they arise out of pre-existing medical conditions irrespective of being declared or undeclared.

Customer Support

Leading insurance companies do not desert you in time of need. They offer 24x7x365 support during your stay as well as while availing a claim. One can get in touch with the company's executive on dedicated numbers and promptly get queries resolved. The cashless claim and reimbursement process provided by the insurance company is also customer-friendly.

Peace of Mind

The biggest reason why one should avail senior citizen travel insurance is peace of mind - not only for the touring senior citizens but also for their concerned family back home. A tailor-made policy for senior citizens surely is a great assurance for all. Online travel insurance has made availing a policy extremely easy. Age should be a no-bar when it comes to wanderlust. Plan your trips and make sure you venture forth with a trusted aid called travel insurance.

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