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Why world Travel insurance is essential when planning trips abroad

July 03 2010
around the world. What took weeks, now takes a few hours at most. Therefore, people are taking up travel avidly. However while you travel you can face any kind of medical or financial emergency. If you are not prepared, you may face a financial burden and feel stressed. However if you have world travel insurance, you can travel hassle free as you are well equipped to deal with any financial crisis. Medical treatment abroad is very costly. If you are not insured you may have to pay from your own pocket. It may incur an unnecessary expense. Thus, it is very necessary that you purchase world travel insurance before you leave.

After visa and passport, travel insurance must be the next thing on your mind. Insurance company websites provide detailed information on how to buy insurance online. You are also provided with numerous quotes that help you buy a policy that suits your specific needs and budget. Information on custom laws and other country specific information may be available there as well. If you have any queries related to insurance, the websites have a 24-hour chat line to help you. Toll free numbers are also provided. All these facilities ensure that you travel worry free. As a visitor, you can also extend your policy online if you plan to extend your stay abroad. If you are a student, you can buy a policy with a 2-year cover. This would save you from extension hassles later.

With multinational organizations having offices in different parts of the world, businessmen have to tour the world. Thus instead of purchasing insurance for a specific location, world travel insurance comes in handy. It is also helpful for people who plan a world tour. As you are exposed to different climates in different locations, you may fall ill or have a medical emergency anytime. With travel insurance in your hand, you can face these problems without worry. The following cover is usually provided by travel insurance: 

  • Cashless hospitalisation
  • Personal accident and personal liability
  • Cancer screening
  • Dental treatment
  • Baggage loss
  • Passport loss
  • Trip cancellation

It is beneficial to purchase travel insurance online as you can buy it instantly with your credit card or via bank transfer. You can also opt to pay insurance premiums in equated monthly instalments. You must look for added cover provided by your insurance so that you do not have to pay for extra facilities abroad like ambulance charges.

Securing world travel insurance is the best way to travel worldwide without worries. It will help you enjoy your stay abroad to the fullest.

Summary - 

It is mandatory to buy travel insurance when you travel abroad. You can buy travel insurance from your home country or you can also buy it abroad. However, travel insurance is costlier abroad and may add to your budget. Thus, purchasing travel insurance from your home country is beneficial.

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