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World's Top 5 Islands

January 21 2015

Are you thinking of a virgin beach? Now, think of a land surrounded by such beaches on all sides. Enticing isn't it? Islands are known to have this effect on humans. They remain the most preferred tourism destination of the world. With sparkling blue beaches, lush green vegetation and a taste of different cultures, an island is a traveler's paradise.

Are you ready to travel with us, as we take a sneak peek into the top five secluded worlds of beauty, serenity and tranquility? Hold your breath!

1. Santorini, Greece

ICICI Lombard - Santorini Greece

Santorini, a prime tourist destination of Greece, is located to the south of the Aegean Sea. What now is a submerged volcano and caldera (a large depression in land formed due to volcanic eruptions), was previously an active volcanic site. A breathtaking view of the sunken caldera surrounded withCycladic (belonging to a group of islands known as Cyclades) architecture - bluetops, whitewashed walls, blue-domed churches and doors are an iconic trait of the island. Apart from the enchanting villages, Santorini is also popular for its beautiful sunsets. Landscapes of this mesmerizing island have been captured in several scenes of the Bollywood movie ChalteChalte.

Try these!

a) Walk down a black beach or dig your toes in red sand - the black and red colored beaches of Perissa, Kamari andAkrotiri are a must - visit.
b) Take a ferry or a fishing boat, known as 'caiki' for travelling between the beaches.
c) Indulge in a local dish made of eggplant and tomato - available at most of the eateries.

2. Maui, Hawaii

ICICI Lombard - Maui-Hawaii

Say 'Aloha! - to the world's most popular holiday capital, Hawaii. Nestled within this paradise is Maui, an enchanting island with spellbinding beaches, amazing wildlife and intriguing culture. It is located between Big Island and Molokai, both popular tourism hotspots. At Maui, dance with the professional hula dancers and enjoy fine dining in a style fit for kings!

Take a Shot At...

a) Snorkeling or diving. The underwater world bursting with color and dancing sunlight magnifiessoundsgiving you a one-of-a-lifetime experience. Recreational water sports like surfing and sailinglets you explore the vast coastline.
b) Haupia - a delicious andpopular Hawaiian dessert.

3. Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

ICICI Lombard - Bora-Bora

Bora Bora is one of the world's mostextravagant islands. Surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef, it is a part of the French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. With aqua-centric luxurious cottages, stretches of white sandy beaches and the bluest water you must have ever seen, Bora Bora leaves you intoxicated!Far away from the hustle bustle of civilization, Bora Bora is like a world in itself. All of this unarguably makes it a superlative honeymoon destination.

Let the Adrenalin Flow!

a) Feel the thrill of swimming alongside giant sea turtles!Also don't miss a chance of parasailing.
b) Dance to the local beat. Experience the flavor of their culture,be a part of Heiva - a local festival with music arts, dance and cultural fiesta which takes place around July.

4. Maldives

ICICI Lombard - Maldives

God must have surely exhausted all the hues of his palette at Maldives!With postcard perfect scenic beauty, Maldives welcomes family as well as honeymooners with open arms. Adjoining the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, this tropical island consists of vivid natural landscapes. You can spend your time here frolicking on the shiny beaches, scuba diving or exploring the fantastic aquatic life.

Do Nothing!

a) Indulge in rejuvenating your senses - head for spa sessions.
b) Sit back and enjoy the day cruises or take guided tours of the islands

5. Sicily, Italy

ICICI Lombard - Sicily, Italy

The largest island in the MediterraneanSea, Sicily isalso Europe's most exquisite tourist location. Its rustic elegance is wanderlust to visitors looking for a perfect holiday combination of relaxation and touristy. Sicily has a rich wealth of archaeological sites like the Valley of the Temples and Toarmina. .

See, Feel and Taste!

a) Nature lovers rejoice! This island offersunforgettable views of emerald green parks, stunning beaches, dense forests and captivating mountainous terrains.
b) Savor delicacies from God's kitchen that caters to all food palates.

Untouched pockets of wilderness, isolation from the outside world and panorama of natural terrain, are a traveler's delight. Choose your pick among these paradises and gear up for one of the best travel escapadesof your life.

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