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Worried About Your Travel Bag Being Too Big? These 5 Travel Apps Can Help

April 10 2019

Travel Apps are as helpful as everything in your suitcase, just that they take up lesser space

The summer vacations are fast approaching, and your kids must be anxiously waiting to kick up some sand on a beach far away. After all, who wouldn’t like a break from the humdrum monotony of the daily grind? However, there is one major problem, i.e. bulging bags full of luggage which can leave you with sore wrists. If you’re seeking some help for figuring your way around it, we have the solution you need for a happy vacation, full of fun and excitement.

Travel apps are the nifty marvels of technology that are extremely handy if you’re travelling anywhere around the globe. Here are a few of the best travel apps that should be there in your cellphone before you leave your home to explore the world. They can not only save you a lot of time and effort, but also make your baggage and worries lighter.

Google Translate

With the Google Translate app, you can skip buying the language books of foreign countries you’re travelling to. It will prove to be a relief in all those moments when you want to ask a stranger for directions to a restaurant or while trying to communicate with the cab driver or local vendors.

It has 103 languages, 59 of which you can access even while offline. Not only does it have ‘conversation mode’ that helps in instant two-way speech translation but also the handwriting and camera modes. Hence, it’s one of the most useful apps which can help you to interact with the locals during your trip and say more than just ‘Konnichiwa’ in Japan or ‘Hola’ in Spain.

Wi-Fi Map

When you’re travelling abroad, there are a plethora of expenses that are unaccounted for and phone bills are one of them. A major chunk of your phone bills while abroad may constitute of internet data usage and it’s obvious, with all the social media updates and Google maps usage. However, with the ‘Wi-Fi Map’ app, you can reduce your phone bills without curbing your internet usage.

This app lets you scan your surroundings and informs you about the nearest wireless connection. It also includes any passwords that you may need, and covers over 10,00,00,000 hotspots across the globe.


No one can make your experience in a new city like it’s your home than this travel app called ‘Triposo’. It gathers crowd-sourced information from various websites and converts it into a concise travel-guide that you can use even when you’re offline.

From hotels and restaurants to sightseeing and activities, Triposo can offer you some of the best recommendations. Apart from providing important information about the popular tourist spots, it will also help you discover the hidden gems of the place.

XE Currency

Indulging in mental mathematics to calculate everything, right from coffee to shopping, is the last thing you would want to do on your trip. Neither should you trust the third party completely, only to be cheated by them. A travel app called ‘XE Currency’ can help you deal with such situations efficiently.

With this app, you can monitor up to 10 currencies of your choice and get instant rate alerts. Its easy-to-use calculator functionality and customization features will enable you to conduct transactions in foreign territories as confidently as you do it in your own country.


The ‘Tripit’ app will help you manage your travel itinerary by alerting you with real-time flight status, signing for the extra baggage, when to check-in in your hotel and even telling you the time to leave for the airport. All you need to do is upload the booking confirmations of your flights, hotel stays, car rentals and other reservations in the app and it’ll create a master itinerary for you.

You can access these important information even when you’re offline and view your entire itinerary on an interactive map. Additionally, you can also search for nearby ATMs, restaurants and alternative transportation options during the vacation.

The above list of travel apps can make you well equipped for your next travel adventure. While it’s important to have these apps ready in your smartphone to ensure comfort and convenience during the vacation, it’s prudent to pack a travel insurance plan to tackle any unforeseen situations during the trip. From medical emergencies to loss of baggage and passports, it takes care of all the travel contingencies that may ruin your entire vacation otherwise.

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