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6 commandments for every rider

June 09 2015
Commandments For Every Rider

With great power comes great responsibility and with a bike comes freedom and sensibility. Besides giving traffic jams a pass and cutting notorious corners, only a biker knows the joy of the journey over the final destination. However, with enviable privilege comes added responsibility. Free as he may be, a biker must always follow rules.

Commandment No. 1: Check your bike for vital essentials before you take off
Always check your tank before your ride, to gauge how far you'll get before you can fuel up. You must know to judge when the tire pressure dips below the optimum level. Check for leaks and test the brakes before you ride. Also, check your headlights, rear lights and signal lights.

Commandment No. 2: Wear essential gear
Shorts and beach slippers may look cool, but not for a two wheeler ride at about 100 km per hour on an average. Wear layered clothing especially when you set out for long rides and pleasure trips. Good footwear with rugged base is essential, for sufficient traction while braking. A snug, fit helmet is unavoidable at all times.

Commandment No. 3: Ride at optimum speeds
Avoid braking hard and coming to jolting stops. Sudden acceleration and brakes, and riding at high or low speeds can wear down your engine's efficiency. Avoid using low-quality fuel and stick to a particular type of petrol to maintain the engine's health.

Commandment No. 4: Maintain your bike
Garage checks are a must. Check tire pressure, tire tread smoothness and have the fuel line examined for leaks periodically. This will help maintain the fuel-efficiency of your bike, ensuring smooth rides.

Commandment No. 5: Know how to handle your ride
You must be able to carry the weight of your bike. Know for sure how you will fare in case you skid or stumble into a horizontal position with your bike. Chances are you might have to drag it along for some distance before you can get help. Also having basic tools and a first-aid kit can be very useful especially on a long ride.

Commandment No. 6: Map your path
If you are a bike enthusiast and love rides along less-travelled paths, maps and apps are a sensible choice. This is especially true when you ride on low fuel or with minimum resources like water and food.

Also, don't forget to secure your life and finances with a suitable two-wheeler insurance policy.

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