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A Biker's Essential Checklist for Summer Ride

April 15 2015



The sun shines brilliantly and warm breeze blows into your face. You feel the rush as you zoom through space and adrenaline begins to pump in. The pure, unbridled joy of defying the wind. It is summer and time to hit the road!

As the temperatures soar and as the ride gets longer, dehydration, drowsiness and disorientation could creep in. You sure do not want to spoil the fun by being ill prepared for a summer ride. Read on to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

First off, Dress to Impress


Essential motorcycle gear

Well not so much as impress as to help you stay protected and comfortable in the sun and dirt.

- Make sure your arms and legs are fully covered. Look out for a comfortable and stylish biker jacket that has a durable and stretchable lycra /mesh net fabric that will allow your clothes to breathe!
-Wear a cotton t-shirt under the jacket. This can soak the sweat and dry off easily. A pair of rugged full-length jeans is ideal to protect your legs from the heat and provide extra protection from the gravelly tracks. - Prevent your face from drying up with a balaclava and use a bandana to soak the sweat under your helmet. -Opt for a strong ISI approved helmet that fits well so you are at utmost comfort while riding. Your helmet should have adequate cushion, grooves for ventilation and sturdy straps to keep it in place.

Get those Boots High Up

Wear the right shoes, preferably ankle length boots having a good rubber-sole. These will protect your legs and feet from burning against the hot metal fenders. For general safety while riding, make sure your shoes have no laces. Your socks can be higher than your boots.

Gloves On, Grip Tight

Gloves provide a good grip. Although you can choose a lightweight pair for summer, make sure they are padded enough to provide protection in case of abrasion. Opt for a pair of chic aviator sunglasses that offer effective UV protection and cover your eyes completely so that you can avoid dust and sweat from entering your eyes.

Motorcycle Tank Bag for Keeping the Tank Cool

Having the essentials in place, you can now go for the good-to-haves. While you are enjoying the ride with cool wind in your face, you do not want your tank to overheat. Motorcycle tank bags cling on to the tank with straps or magnets and keep the tank protected from additional heating.

Be Visible at all Times

When the temperatures are rising, even the best of motorists can lose focus. Ensure your safety by wearing bright colors and fixing reflectors on your two-wheeler.

With all items in your list checked, rev up your motorcycle and enjoy a splendid ride.

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