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How to Tackle Your First Motorbike Tour

May 05 2017
First-ever motorbike road trip

A list of invaluable tips to avoid making a mess of your first motorbike tour

Bringing their first motorbike home is the most memorable thing for a motorbike enthusiast. The next best thing is obviously going on their first-ever motorbike road trip. A road trip might seem a simple thing to most riders. However, it can be very demanding indeed and most riders find it out the hard way. To make sure that your first trip becomes an experience to remember, rather than forgetting it, here are some pointers which you need to consider before hitting the road.

Practice, Practice and More Practice

Riding in the city everyday might give you the false notion of being prepared to take on long highways, and that will be your first mistake. The experience of riding on the open road for long hours is nothing similar to what you feel while negotiating urban roads.

The key to preparing yourself for that six or eight-hour-long trip is to gradually start going on rides for longer durations. This will give you more experience and a better understanding of what to expect when you finally undertake the big journey.

Make Yourself Comfortable

You love your motorbike as it is and you might also think that the riding position it offers by default is best suited for you. But, that is not the case. Every rider is different; coming in different shapes and sizes. It is not possible for one standard position to be comfortable for all of them. This is where aftermarket hardware comes to the rescue.

Parts such as seats, foot pegs, handlebars are all available in many varieties spoiling you for choices. Always remember to opt for the ones you’re most comfortable with. If you have a cruiser, it would make huge sense for you to install a backrest and a proper windshield. The backrest for resting your back and the windshield for adequate wind protection.

Gear Up for a Long Ride

Going on a long ride without adequate gear or protection from the elements is a mistake that can come with a heavy cost. On the way you can encounter cold, hot or even wet weather; so make sure you carry a jacket that is well-ventilated and waterproof. It’ll ensure that you stay dry in the wet, cool in the dry, and warm in the cold parts. Also, it would be wise to carry extra clothes just for the journey, as being on the road often leads to grime and soot finding its way onto your clothes.

Technology Is Your Friend

Going on long rides offers you time for contemplation, which is always good. In fact, there is so much free time that one can get bored easily. Technology can help you pass away time and make the overall experience much better. Invest in a Bluetooth helmet. It will allow you to listen to audio, make calls and even listen to GPS directions.

First rides can be really fun, but they are also a learning affair with chances of something unfortunate happening always existent. It is best to get your motorbike insured so that you are covered in case anything untoward happens.

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