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Insurance Article

Living in Pune - Do You Know How to File Your Two Wheeler Claim?

June 29 2017
Two wheeler insurance claim Pune

Read on to know how to file a two wheeler insurance claim in Pune

Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It is the second largest metropolis in the state and has the highest per capita income in India. The city has the highest percentage of vehicles owned by families in the country and has the largest numbers of two wheelers as well. The large number of two wheelers in Pune makes it is essential for people riding them to buy two wheeler insurance.

The dense vehicle population in Pune translates into an increased number of accidents happening in the city. Comprehensive two wheeler insurance is a necessity in the city as it protects you from any legal or financial liability affording you peace of mind and covering own expense. With all said and done, when an accident eventually happens it is a testing time for most.

The shock and realisation of an accident takes time to sink in and for the initial period, you are dazed and unable to think of the next step. Filing a claim is probably the last thing running in your mind at that moment. However, filing a claim could be painful if you do not have supporting evidence. Make a note of these steps, as you might never know when they will be useful.

Steps for Filing Two Wheeler Insurance Claims in Pune

  • If there is a vehicle involved in the accident, note down its registration number for your records. Moreover, it would be prudent to take down the number of any witnesses present on the scene, who can ratify your sequence of events if the need arises.

  • Call your insurer to inform them about the situation. They will initiate the claim process and give you a claim reference number. In addition, they will apprise you about the documents needed for processing and the details of the nearest network garage, in case of any damage.

  • The documents required for accident claims includes a duly filled claim form, copy of RC, copy of driving license, policy copy, FIR (if applicable) and the original estimate. These remain the same for a majority of claim applications, but may change depending on your case.

  • If the accident has resulted in bodily injuries, property damage, or any other major damage then an FIR needs to be filed at the nearest police station. You need to retain a copy of that FIR that needs to be presented to your insurer at the time of filing a claim.

  • Within 24 hours, a representative from your insurer will get in touch with you. You will need to submit necessary documents to him/her and get the verification done. The representative will then assess your vehicle and give spot approval after successful assessment.

  • If the repairing garage falls within the cashless network of the insurer, then the payment will be made directly to the garage. Otherwise, you will have to pay from your own pocket that will be later reimbursed by your insurer once the claim gets approved.

Following these simple steps while filing a two wheeler insurance claim in Pune can help you in getting the claim settled in a simple and hassle-free manner.

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