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Insurance Article

Make Your Bike Smart and Eco-Friendly with these Hacks

April 13 2020

With these simple hacks, you can turn every drive into a joyride.

bike with smart phone

A bike is one of the most convenient means of commuting. It allows you to navigate your way through the serpentine queues at peak-hour traffic and reach your destination in quick time. Modern bikes can compete even with cars in terms of features and accessories. From rechargeable power banks to large multi-info display with Bluetooth connectivity, these bikes are equipped with a host of exciting features. Buy a two wheeler insurance to keep you and yourself safe from any unforeseen circumstances.  Govern has stated that driving without motor insurance is illegal in India.

However, in case you don’t want to spend much on high-end bikes, without compromising on features, this article will tell you simple tricks through which you can turn your bike into a smarter and eco-friendly machine. Let’s get started.

1. Install a mobile phone holder on the handle of your bike

At times, you may need to navigate your way to your destination while riding. However, doing so can be dangerous as it can divert your attention and cause a mishap. Moreover, using a mobile phone while riding a two-wheeler is a punishable offence under the Motor Vehicles Act; and can attract a penalty of up to Rs. 5,000 or imprisonment, or both.

What you can do is to mount a mobile phone holder on the handle of your bike and insert your mobile phone or a GPS device into it. This way, you can conveniently navigate your way while riding. You can purchase a mobile holder from online or offline retail stores or make it yourself using screws and plastic parts.

2. Buy a Bluetooth lock for your bike

If you’re the one who often forgets to lock the handle of your bike or if you live in an area where instances of bike theft are frequent, buying a Bluetooth lock for your bike can be a smart move. This lock has to be installed on the side of either bike tyre and connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

It allows you to lock or unlock your bike from just the tap on your mobile phone and gives extra protection to your bike. Also, in case a thief tries to take your bike away from the parking spot, you will get an instant alert on your mobile phone.

3. Deploy smart grips on handlebars

Deploying smart grips on your bike’s handlebars can be another useful addition to your bike. These grips can be synced with your mobile phone or GPS device via Bluetooth.

Whenever you are required to take a turn, the grip on the respective side will start vibrating to let you know which way you need to go.

4. Get your bike checked for emissions regularly

The exhaust fumes from the tailpipe of your bike can be very harmful to the environment. Hence, it’s crucial to get your bike checked for emissions regularly, at least once every month. In case the emissions from your bike are not adhering to the permissible limits, clean up the exhaust pipe of your motorcycle and get the engine tuned up. Changing the spark plug and mobile oil can also help in reducing the emissions from your bike.

These tricks can make your motorbike smart and keep the environment clean. That being said, there’s no alternative to responsible driving. If you drive aggressively by revving up the engine, your bike will not only consume more fuel but also emit harmful gases. Therefore, it’s better to maintain a constant speed and avoid rapid acceleration or braking.

Also, you can procure a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy to give yourself a financial cushion from any loss or damage arising due to an unfortunate incident involving theft or accident. Also, it is illegal to drive without a motor insurance policy. Hence, having an insurance policy for your vehicle is highly important.

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