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Insurance Article

Tips To Increase The Life Of Your Two-Wheeler

September 01 2014

Here are some tips for you bikers and motorcyclists to help you maintain your vehicle and maximize the riding pleasure:

Tuned engines:
Engines that are regularly tuned are more efficient, i.e. they produce higher power for lower fuel consumption.

Carburettor and Valves:
Cleaning the carburettor and valves after every 1500 km is essential for a smoother engine.

Spark plugs:
These are of paramount importance for combustion. They need to be cleaned every 750 km in two-stroke engines and every 1500 km in four-stroke engines.

Engine oil:
Check the engine oil levels in your two-wheeler and change it regularly to enhance engine performance. Unchanged oil leads to sluggish engine performance, thereby increasing fuel consumption. Tips on maintenance
Washing: Clean your two-wheeler with soap water and a soft cloth preferably a sponge to avoid scratching the body. Always cover the ignition switch and silencer prior to cleaning so that water does not enter these parts. Give your two-wheeler the shiny look by cleaning it methodically and regularly.

Exposure to sunlight dulls the body paint. As long as possible, park your vehicle under a shade.

Headlights, taillights, brake lights and indicator lights - these have a dual function at night, of letting you be seen as well as aiding your vision. Check the brightness of these lights regularly. Promptly replace dim, foggy, or yellowing lenses.
Tips on tires

Tire pressure: Under-inflated or over-inflated tires can cause harm to your vehicle. Maintain the stipulated air pressure by getting the tires checked at every fuel refill.

Tire maintenance:
Get your mechanic to inspect any bulge or crack in the tires. While driving at high speed, if you unexpectedly encounter a bump or hit a pothole, it might be a good idea to pull over and check the tires for signs of physical damage.

Tire type:
One of the most crucial elements for ensuring safety while riding is the use of proper tires. Ensure that you use only the type and size of tires recommended by the two-wheeler manufacturer.

Tips while Riding

Gear and Speed limit:
For achieving a better mileage, use the correct gear while riding and ride within the speed limits suggested by the manufacturer.
The clutch should be used only for changing the gear. Less usage of clutch increases fuel efficiency. Some Do's and Don's of Maintenance Lubricate your vehicle regularly with good quality lubricants and oils. Parts like front wheel bearing, control cables, and clutch lever need to be well lubricated at all times.

Clean the air filter for improved performance and mileage. Cleaning agents containing silicon or chlorine affect the brake performance. Avoid applying such agents on brake discs and brake shoes. Also note that dousing these parts with water can reduce the braking efficiency. In case your two-wheeler has disc brakes, check the level of braking fluid in your vehicle, once a week.

Also keep a lookout for worn out brake pads, as replacing these in time can save your brake discs from permanent damage. Watch out for any snarled or kinked cables in your two-wheeler. Likewise missing nuts and bolts or a strong odor of fuel should not be ignored. Get the vehicle inspected immediately to fix such issues.


Follow these tips and your vehicle won't let you down. Add more miles to your two-wheeler's life! Don't forget to secure your beloved ride with a suitable two-wheeler insurance policy.

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