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Insurance Article

What to do When You Lose Your Two-Wheeler Policy Document

March 30 2017
Bike Insurance Policy Paper

Lost your two-wheeler policy document? No need to panic, just follow the below steps

Insurance policy documents are among the important documents that we normally keep in a safe location. Losing some of your important documents is not very common, but sometimes it does happen. There could be a situation where you misplace your two-wheeler insurance policy document. You’ve made every attempt to find it, searched every nook and cranny of your house, but to no avail. Your two-wheeler insurance policy is an important document, without which you would be at risk while riding your two-wheeler.

How to Get a Duplicate Insurance Policy Document

The last and only solution for you now, is to request your insurance company to issue a duplicate insurance policy document. But, getting a duplicate policy document is not easy. There are certain pre-requisites that you need to perform before you could make an application for a duplicate policy document.

The prerequisite are:

  • Filing a first information report (FIR) with the police

  • Not all insurance companies ask for a copy of an FIR filed with the police for your lost two-wheeler policy document. But it will certainly help in your seeking a duplicate two-wheeler insurance policy document.

  • Issue an advertisement in a newspaper

  • You must publish an advertisement in a newspaper circulated in the region where the two-wheeler insurance policy document is lost. The advertisement will basically announce that you have lost your two-wheeler policy document and request that if someone finds the same, it be delivered or handed over to you. The advertisement will contain your address and/or your contact details.

  • Execute an indemnity bond

  • Indemnity bond is the last of the documents you will need for submitting to your for submitting to your motor insurance  company to apply for a duplicate insurance policy document. The indemnity bond should be executed in favor of your insurance company and also must be notarized. The indemnity bond has to be executed on a non-judicial stamp paper.

After getting hold of these three documents, you are now ready to apply for a duplicate of your two wheeler insurance policy Write an application addressed to your insurance company requesting them to issue you a duplicate two-wheeler insurance policy. Please ensure you write the correct policyholder name, policy number, date of issuance, and type of insurance cover opted in the application. Attach the FIR, a copy of the advertisement issued in a newspaper, and the indemnity bond with the application. Remember to keep copies of the application and the documents safe with you for future reference.

If the two-wheeler insurance policy is in a joint name, please remember the application will have to be signed by both the joint policyholders.

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