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Insurance Article

Why Two Wheeler Insurance is a Must for Long Rides

October 17 2017
Long Term Two wheeler Insurance

Don’t forget to insure your vehicle before setting out on a long biking trip

Every rider owning a bike, dreams of going out on a long road trip astride his favourite steed. The joy and freedom that the open road offers is an enticing prospect, which is made even more appealing, given that the bike intensifies that connect with the surroundings many times more than what a four wheeler can give.

There is no discussion on the fact that a long-distance road trip is an extremely rewarding affair, but it is also challenging and can be dangerous too, if proper preparations are not done. Though preparations tend to take a backseat amid all the excitement, it is imperative that you take the necessary precautions, which includes two wheeler insurance. Anything can happen while on the road, and here are some points on why motor insurance is a good idea for your road trip.

Riding Without Insurance is Illegal

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, bike insurance is mandatory in the country. It is illegal to ride around on a bike which does not have insurance; hardly a comforting thought when planning a road trip.

Insurance is Cost Effective

It doesn’t take much to buy insurance. To enjoy the benefits of insurance, the customer needs to pay a monthly premium. The amount of this monthly premium depends upon the extent of coverage and the number of add-ons / riders, the customer has opted for. Moreover, the sum assured that the policy covers is significantly more than the premium payment. Don’t forget to strike insurance off your trip checklist.

Riding Two Wheeler is Risky

No matter how good a rider you are, there is always an inherent danger in riding a motorcycle. You have to be alert all the time and even a small mistake can spell disaster. And, the fact is that everything does not depend on you, but also on external factors that are out of your control.

If you’re involved in an accident and sustain injury to yourself or a third party, the costs can give you a financial setback. Here’s where insurance comes to the rescue by taking care of hospitalisation expenses.

An Extra Layer of Security

An insurance policy acts as an extra layer of protection when an unfortunate incident like an accident happens. Comprehensive insurance will not only take care of the expenses for the damage incurred to your bike and your medical expenses, but will also insure you from any third-party legal liability. Considering that a rider traverses unfamiliar terrain on long rides, insurance assumes paramount importance.

Protection from Nature’s Wrath

While on the road, you can never know when Mother Nature decides to turn hostile. Natural disasters such as cyclone, flood, storm and earthquake can arrive unannounced, and in just a matter of hours. Hilly areas comes with the perennial risk of landslides.

Comprehensive two wheeler insurance can put to rest all your worries, as it offers coverage against natural disasters and even man-made disasters such as burglary, riots, fire and damage due to terrorism etc.

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