Get Comprehensive Cover with ICICI Lombard’s Mediclaim

Secure your health with ICICI Lombard’s mediclaim policy and avail quality healthcare services in your time of need. ICICI Lombard has tie-ups with leading hospitals in India that facilitate cashless claims, so you don’t have to arrange for cash during an emergency. Moreover, our in-house claim settlement team has a track record of quick claim processing, within 30 days of filing a claim!

Our comprehensive mediclaim policy features multiple options for either cashless hospitalisation or reimbursement of medical expenses. With the rising healthcare costs and increase in medical issues, a mediclaim policy is important for you and your family. Under the mediclaim policy, you can either opt for an individual or family floater health cover , based on your requirements.

Benefits of Health Insurance

Our mediclaim policy – Complete Health Insurance – provides lifetime renewability, so you can secure your healthcare costs throughout your life. To complement your basic health insurance policy, you can also choose a super top-up plan – Health Booster. Such a plan helps to take care of excess payments and multiple claims within a policy period.

Buy our mediclaim policy and enjoy:


Cashless hospitalisation for round-the-clock healthcare aid


Cover for alternate medical treatments under AYUSH


Lifetime Cover


Timely Claim Settlement


Donor Expenses


Value-added Services


Tax Benefits

Health Insurance Testimonials


Jyoti Purv

Buying a mediclaim policy from ICICI Lombard was one of the best financial decisions I made. I bought this policy in addition to the group policy at my office. I get prompt services from the team and proper clarifications to my doubts whenever I require.


Arjun Bhosle

The coverage for maternity expenses is what my ICICI Lombard mediclaim policy really helped me with, since my wife and baby had to stay on in the hospital for some more weeks after the delivery.

Case Study

Choosing a mediclaim policy can be difficult for most individuals who are not familiar with insurance products. This was the case with Pooja Mehta, a fashion designer and single mother of two. Getting a health cover was not part of her agenda, until she underwent a surgery for tonsillitis in her late 30s. While the surgery was minor and without complications, she received a medical bill that she had not really anticipated.

With a resolve not to succumb to the same experience again, she asked around and heard from friends and colleagues about the benefits of a mediclaim policy. She was also happy to understand that she could opt for a floater policy, which would provide coverage for her children too. Pooja read the policy brochure for ICICI Lombard’s mediclaim cover and understood the host of benefits that came along with it.

She was especially interested in the top-up plan offered by ICICI, which allowed multiple claims in the same policy period. This was useful to her since her children were young and fell ill several times a year. She is now a happy customer of ICICI Lombard.

Understanding individual needs and choosing a mediclaim policy best suited for your needs demands analysis and caution. We are here to help...


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