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Natural or Manmade disaster - Get your vehicle engine covered

Posted by - Amitabh Jain, Head - Motor Underwriting & Claims
January 13 2015

A vehicle is one of the most prized possessions that we purchase during our lifetime. We take utmost care in protecting it from wear & tear and external damages. Though an insurance policy does cover repairs when the vehicle is damaged during an accident, it becomes redundant when the vehicle is submerged in a flood. In this scenario, water can enter the vehicle engine causing it to cease, bringing the vehicle to a standstill. The recent natural catastrophes in the states of Jammu and Kashmir and Andhra Pradesh led to severe flooding across the region.

Such incessant rains without any warnings created havoc and caused damages not only to human life but also to property and vehicles. The general mindset and behaviour of vehicle owners purchasing a motor insurance policy is that the insurance cover would guard their vehicle from all sorts of damages including engine damage. However, damage caused to the engine through water ingression due to cranking or repeated starting, referred to as "Hydrostatic Lock" is not covered under a comprehensive car insurance policy. This is because the damage is a consequence of cranking the engine and hence not a probability event.

The engine is the most crucial mechanical component in a vehicle. Any damage caused to the engine stalls the vehicle. engine repair charges can be exorbitant, given that the engine may need to be replaced in case of severe damage. To avoid a scenario of paying an exorbitant amount, one can opt for purchase an engine Protect cover to take care of Hydrostatic Lock. The cover also takes care of consequential losses to engine, gear box and differentials which is caused due to leakage of lubricants as a result of an accident. Such a cover is an add-on cover to a normal motor insurance policy. The cover is available at a marginal cost of about one tenth to the overall motor insurance policy but goes a long way in preserving your savings in case of damage to the vehicle's engine. The most susceptible to engine damage are diesel variant car models which come with high compression engines that are more prone to damages in case of the car getting submerged or driving through accumulated water. At the other end, luxury cars too are not immune and come under the sphere of engine damages due to water ingression.

Engine Protect covers assures you that your vehicle is safeguarded from all the external as well as internal damages caused by an event which is beyond human control. Disasters do not come with a warning but preparedness to shield oneself against them is definitely a smart move.

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