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Summer holidays and travel insurance go hand in hand, here's why?

Posted by - Sanjay Datta, Chief - Underwriting, Reinsurance & Claims
April 05 2019

Let’s face it, there’s no problem that a good trip can’t fix. Whether one is experiencing a burnout or is embattled with lots of pressures at work, going on a vacation will dramatically reduce all possible stresses. A study by the State University of New York at Oswego, after surveying 12,000 men states that people who go on vacation tend to reduce their overall risk of soon death by 20 percent. With the onset of summer, it’s the perfect time to plan vacations. But a safe and sound trip calls for checklists that one needs to keep in mind before stepping ahead for the trip. For instance, getting a travel insurance is the first and foremost step before planning any trips.

Imagine heading towards a trip and losing one’s baggage. Traumatic enough? But one can easily stay away from the repercussion of such uncalled experiences by simply opting for a travel insurance. Be it domestic or an international holiday, a travel insurance will ensure that nothing hinders your perfect vacation!

Here are five reasons why travel insurance is important for every holiday goer:

  • Uncalled health hassles
  • Medical complications and health troubles can arise at any time. Hence it’s advisable to get a travel insurance. It ensures that one can avail the necessary medical attention needed in case of any unforeseen emergency during a trip. Also, travel insurance helps one avail cashless hospitalization.

  • Flight cancellations and delays
  • Be it a natural hazard or any personal contingency like a hospitalization of the insured or close family members, one can cancel the trip and get reimburse for any nonrefundable amount from their travel insurance policy. Travel insurance  also cover trip interruption.

  • Loss of luggage
  • Losing one’s baggage can be a traumatic experience. All the more if it contains important documents! But worry not, having a travel insurance is like having an instant help in hand, always! Whether the luggage is lost by the airline or has been stolen from the insured whilst on a trip abroad, your insurance company will be at your rescue. Even if the baggage has been delayed, you will receive a compensation for the distress.

  • Emergency medical evaluations
  • A certain medical condition might require one to be transported to the nearby hospital. With a travel insurance in hand, bid adieu to worries about expenses. In case of emergency situations where one needs to be taken back to their country, a travel insurance takes care of that. It not just saves the insured from the hassle of having to get the evacuation arranged, it also saves the insured from the extremely high expenditure incurred in such cases!

  • Misplacing passport
  • Losing a passport in a foreign land is a nightmare indeed. A travel insurance reimburses the charges of issuing a duplicate passport.

    All in all, opting for a travel insurance policy before heading towards a trip is a calculative and preventive measure. Whether they stem from medical reasons, extreme weather conditions or personal events, travel insurance can be beneficial. To enjoy your trip without any worries and unnecessary hindrances, travel insurance is definitely the financial blessing in disguise.

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