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Home Insurance

Customer Reviews

Prashant Saxena

  |   03 Mar 2017

Have used the ICICI Lombard Company before and therefore chose to use them again to get home insurance for my new flat. Excellent customer service always.

Ajay Dhar

  |   28 Feb 2017

Your representative has been very clear in taking me through the home insurance renewal process. Her communication and instruction were very precise and to the point. Thanks

Shouvik Majumdar

  |   26 Feb 2017

Your team has been extremely helpful in sorting out and explaining the policy details as well as the circumstances under which policy will not be covered. Thank you so much.

Sridhar Kuppu

  |   21 Feb 2017

Thanks to ICICI Lombard for making the whole experience of obtaining our home insurance simple and straight forward. I will certainly recommend them to friends and family

Appaso Patil

  |   18 Feb 2017

It was wonderful experience of buying the home insurance policy. The information provided by your team was adequate and good. Thanks.

Pankaj Krishna

  |   14 Feb 2017

Your representative was very helpful and informative. Guidance given by him helped me to take the decision to buy a home insurance as well as a personal insurance too. Thanks for all the guidance and support.

Raj Sujan

  |   12 Feb 2017

Excellent. Meticulous service from ICICI Lombard. I bought home insurance policy online and received soft copy on my registered email id. Thanks for such a quick service.

Sanjay Chauhan

  |   11 Feb 2017

Thank you ICICI Lombard for such an extraordinary support. Your representative explained me the policy’s inclusion and exclusion in detail. Great policy!

bhargav sojitra

  |   09 Feb 2017

My home insurance policy was excellent which covers my building structure as well as content of my flat. Fantastic service offered by ICICI Lombard.

Sarah Richardson

  |   07 Feb 2017

I received excellent service from ICICI Lombard. Their representative explained all the details of home insurance and also assisted me to buy the policy via online.

Snehendu Mondal

  |   05 Feb 2017

Hi, your executive has helped me to choose the right home insurance policy as per my need. He assisted me during buying process. Thank you.

Purnim Saha

  |   27 Jan 2017

Fantastic service! Your representative explained me what is covered and what is not covered in my home insurance policy. Thank you….

Poonam Mitra

  |   24 Jan 2017

ICICI Lombard, your executive assisted me in getting a home insurance policy. He explained me all features of my policy. I really appreciate all the help.

Nelson Cabral

  |   22 Jan 2017

Just got a Home insurance policy and was very happy dealing with ICICI Lombard website. Excellent policy offered by ICICI Lombard.

Ratnesh Kumar Purohit

  |   19 Jan 2017

Your representative helped me to resolve all my queries on home insurance policy and assisted me to buy the policy online.

Abhishek Kumar

  |   18 Jan 2017

Very good response from your team while purchasing home insurance policy. They explained me all the exclusions in the policy. This is one of the best home insurance policy offered by ICICI Lombard.

Sushil Mishra

  |   17 Jan 2017

Your team assisted me great and very quickly. They highlighted all the key features of policy such as we can buy the insurance for building structure as well as home content etc. I highly appreciate their help to purchase the policy. Thank you, all the best!!

Sameet Naik

  |   16 Jan 2017

Thank you for helping me to get a Home Insurance policy. It was very informative and helpful website, hassle free buying policy from icicilombard.com

Sangeeta Bajaj

  |   15 Jan 2017

ICICI Lombard website is very helpful, it provides all the information of a home insurance policy and I bought this policy online. Overall excellent experience.

Rahul Chawla

  |   13 Jan 2017

Your team representative has given a good walkthrough of a home insurance policy over call and helped me to buy the policy. Thanks.

Bontha Papa Rao

  |   12 Jan 2017

Your team was very helpful in point-by-point guidance on selection of home insurance policy. Also, explaining the inclusions and exclusions in the policy. I am very much satisfied by their dedication and customer-centric approach.

Prashanth Murthy

  |   11 Jan 2017

Your team explained me all the details of home insurance with inclusion & exclusion in policy and helped throughout the buying process of policy. Thanks

Ashish Tripathy

  |   11 Jan 2017

Hassle free Insurance Procedure. Your team had provided me the relevant information regarding the home insurance policy and helped me in policy issuance. Overall the process was simple and customer centric. Thanks

Gautam Lahiri

  |   08 Jan 2017

I have spoken to your support staff, she helped me to buy the home insurance for structure and content. She is very professional and knowledgeable and successfully guided me to buy the product online. She must be recognized for this work.

Saugat Dutta

  |   08 Jan 2017

I purchased my Home Insurance and Content Policies from your advisor. She explained the policies in detail and was able to advice on several aspects of home and content insurance. Great policy. Thanks.

Manoj Kumar

  |   08 Jan 2017

Awesome experience! Your team explained well to me about home policy and assisted me in buying the policy online. Thanks

Arun Modi

  |   07 Jan 2017

I interacted with your sales representative for buying home insurance. She was quite helpful, knowledgeable and efficiently guided me to complete my transaction. Overall the experience was excellent.

saurabh sahni

  |   06 Jan 2017

Your advisor from New Delhi was fantastic. He explained me all details about home insurance policy and helped me to choose right policy as per my need. Kudos..

Suresh Shah

  |   06 Jan 2017

Your team has been the most helpful during my process of getting the home insurance policy. They explained each and every detail of a policy and guided throughout the policy buying procedure. Thanks

Sailesh Kumar

  |   05 Jan 2017

Excellent support by your team, due to this I am able to complete the purchasing process of home insurance easily. They were very prompt, clear to the point and provided all the details necessary for me to be able to complete the purchase. Much appreciate their support and quality of service.

Rinugeorge Dastur

  |   05 Jan 2017

I had a very good experience in purchasing a home insurance policy from ICICI Lombard. Your team resolved all my queries related to policy and assisted me to purchase the policy online.

Naveen Jayaraman

  |   03 Jan 2017

It was a good experience. Your sales representative answered all my questions regarding home insurance and she also helped me in buying the policy online. Thanks

Rohit Gambhir

  |   31 Dec 2016

I received informative details about home insurance from your team and they helped me to purchase the policy.

Rachit Madan

  |   29 Dec 2016

Your agent was really helpful in conversing and finding the best home insurance policy for me. Looking forward for more in future.

Kumkum Ganguly

  |   26 Dec 2016

Your team helped me to purchase a good home insurance policy and explained me that this policy cover losses against burglary, theft etc. Their support is appreciated.

Rohit Uttamchandani

  |   24 Dec 2016

Your support team did a great job at taking me through the process of buying my home insurance policy.

G Shyamala Rao

  |   24 Dec 2016

Dear Sir/Mam, really, your support advisor was very helpful in buying home insurance policy. She explained me policy in detail and resolved all my queries. I hope in future if help is required I will contact you ICICI Lombard.

Sivaramakrishnan Ramakrishnan

  |   24 Dec 2016

Your agent has helped me to get a Home Insurance policy online. She was very patient and walked me through the procedure, inclusions and exclusion.

Balamurali Balakrishnan

  |   23 Dec 2016

Your team provided excellent support to decide the exact home insurance policy as per my requirement. Thanks

Bharat Lalwani

  |   18 Dec 2016

Your team member was very good in terms of explaining the home insurance policy, being polite, courteous and solving the purpose for which I called. She was complete in terms of ensuring immediate policy purchase, solving queries and even ensuring feedback. It is delight to have this kind of good customer care executives and it was wonderful interacting with her.

Amar Bajaj

  |   17 Dec 2016

Your team helped me to purchase home insurance policy online. Thanks ICICI Lombard for such a great service.

Biju Nair

  |   17 Dec 2016

Your team was very helpful and informative about my home insurance policy. They provided all the information on policy. Good work keep it up!!

Anjani Choubey

  |   16 Dec 2016

Excellent service provided by ICICI Lombard. Your team explained everything and were helpful for finalising the home insurance policy as per my need.

Hari Das

  |   15 Dec 2016

Your team resolved all my queries and helped me to buy home insurance policy in a matter of minutes. Excellent.

Bakhshish Bains

  |   19 Nov 2016

Excellent home insurance offered by ICICI Lombard and great service. Thanks

Mohan Krishnan

  |   18 Nov 2016

Excellent support by your team to buy home insurance.

Manish Jaitly

  |   17 Nov 2016

Your customer support team was very helpful in explaining me both the home insurance and the personal accident policy. They had followed up professionally and did a very good job.

Balaji Damodaran

  |   15 Nov 2016

Your team has explained me the latest features of the home insurance policy and it was really good. Clearly explained me to understand new enhanced features for add on cover and helped me to buy policy online. Website is very elegantly carved and easy to do things online. Really nice.

Kashyap Parmar

  |   14 Nov 2016

Your support team has provided all required details to buy home insurance policy.

Sudeep Unnikrishnan

  |   13 Nov 2016

Your representative was very helpful in selecting the home policy, explaining the features like protecting home content such as jewellery, electronics and furniture etc. Excellent service

Hareram Singh

  |   12 Nov 2016

I had an interaction with your representative and they helped me to buy home insurance policy online. Thank you so much

Rajeev Saxena

  |   10 Nov 2016

Your executive was very helpful to me and very clear in conversation. She has resolved all the issues and had a good knowledge about home insurance policy.

Pantulu Gunnaiah Dinavahi

  |   09 Nov 2016

ICICI Lombard Contact Person is very excellent in sales, she did a very impressive job of pre-sales, and guided me well through the process of buying the Home Insurance policy online.

Anil Raina

  |   07 Nov 2016

Good sales person and very helpful team. I am impressed the way you are handling the customer’s query. Thanks for resolving all my doubt about home insurance.

Sanju Yadav

  |   06 Nov 2016

It was great help from your team throughout the process from selecting home insurance as per my requirement to buying the policy. Thanks

Mugdh Kumar

  |   04 Nov 2016

The assisting executive was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and committed towards their job. She has provided all the details and benefits of home insurance.

Rushvin Pathak

  |   03 Nov 2016

Your support team had been superb in customer service. They proactively suggested to buy 2 more useful policies as well. Great customer service by ICICI Lombard

Saraswati Rajagopal

  |   02 Nov 2016

Your team was very helpful in buying home insurance policy online. Thanks

G. Jagannath

  |   01 Nov 2016

I have been contacted by your advisor to buy the home insurance policy and she was very much co-operative in guiding and helped me to buy the policy. Thank you very much for your service.

Nitya Adhikari

  |   21 Oct 2016

The entire process was very convenient and fast!. The policy was also delivered on time.

Sunil Nair

  |   05 Sep 2016

The overall experience of renewal was smooth. Thanks ICICI Lombard.

Sachin Gupta

  |   09 Feb 2016

Good service, good guidance. Your team guided me step by step and all details of the product were explained in detail. Complete procedure done online, in continuation with a call.