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Home Insurance

Customer Reviews

M.R. Ramesh

  |   30 Oct 2018

Prompt and good service received from your team. This is one of the main reasons why I will always buy my home or any other policy from your company. Hope you continue to maintain these standards. All the best.

Mukul Chandra Ghosh

  |   24 Oct 2018

I was impressed by the offerings of your property insurance plan and decided to purchase it over the phone. However, it’s not showing in my profile despite notifying you twice. Please update my profile and follow up. Thanks.

Ajay Hari

  |   19 Oct 2018

The service provided by the ICICI Lombard customer care executive was cordial and really good. She even followed up on time, which was equally impressive. I am satisfied that this house insurance policy offers protection for any damage that occurs due to natural calamities.

Kamalaksha D. Prasad

  |   10 Oct 2018

I had recently contacted the team at ICICI Lombard to learn about the coverage they offer for home insurance and the benefits attached to this policy. I'm glad I did, because I was really confused about various things. But after hearing their expert advice, I feel more confident about my decision.

Rishi Diwedi

  |   06 Oct 2018

Your customer service executive was very polite. He assisted me in purchasing a home insurance policy at a very good price. I'm glad I was able to discuss this with someone who had so much knowledge on the subject. Best regards.


  |   30 Sep 2018

Purchasing home insurance from ICICI Lombard was a super experience. I received splendid support from the customer care employee I spoke with. He helped me complete the process with great ease. Thanks so much.

Prakash Trivedi

  |   24 Sep 2018

I had a few doubts regarding the home insurance policy offered by ICICI Lombard. I called the customer care helpline and was connected to a polite and helpful representative. He answered all of my doubts with ease. It was a brilliant experience.

Pradeep Handa

  |   21 Sep 2018

What an excellent experience! The customer care executive was helpful and soft-spoken. He explained the entire process to me in great detail. He was incredibly clear in his communication, so I was able to quickly buy my home insurance policy.

C. Singh

  |   20 Sep 2018

I recently bought home insurance from ICICI Lombard, and I must say, I've been pleasantly surprised. The entire process was effortlessly handled and before I knew it, the purchase was made. Too good.

Suchet Patil

  |   18 Sep 2018

I have never had such a fun and informative discussion with a customer care agent before. Home insurance is a serious subject and requires time to deal with every little aspect. But my whole perception was changed after interacting with your agent. He made the topic interesting. Cheers.

Mrinal Shanker

  |   14 Sep 2018

Excellent service. Your executive provided clear and complete information on home insurance, its benefits like protection against natural and man-made calamities, add-ons available, and premiums. Now this is called true customer service. All the best to him for his future in ICICI Lombard.

Dr. Binay Mitra

  |   10 Sep 2018

The team at ICICI Lombard has helped me purchase a home insurance for a wonderful price and I cannot be more thankful. Right from the beginning until the very end, they guided me through each step and made me feel comfortable to call them and enquire about any detail. Thank you so much.

Neenu Jain

  |   01 Sep 2018

Home insurance is a very serious concern; therefore I was dreading to speak with someone who might not understand or acknowledge that. But to my surprise, ICICI Lombard connected me to an agent who was extremely empathetic and helped me seal the perfect deal. I will never forget this incredible experience.

Karthik V. Raman

  |   22 Aug 2018

Impressed with your sales executive's knowledge of the product. She was patient enough to answer all my queries. Had lower quotes when compared to the other providers, and had great communication skills, too. All the best to her for a bright future!

Babu Narayan

  |   16 Aug 2018

Thankfully, I’ve received good customer support even after buying my policy. The ICICI Lombard insurance advisor I spoke to regarding my home insurance elaborated on all the benefits, including coverage against natural calamities. He even explained all the exclusions precisely.

Tuhin Chaudhuri

  |   05 Aug 2018

I wanted a good home insurance policy, and I'm glad I picked ICICI Lombard. The customer service they offer is really good. The concerned agent was prompt in answering queries and ensured my transaction was seamless and 100% hassle-free. He even elaborated on benefits like coverage against natural calamities. Keep it up!

Deepti Nair

  |   29 Jul 2018

I'm thrilled that I chose to partner with ICICI Lombard to protect my home. While looking for a good insurance policy for the same, I was put in touch with a helpful employee from their customer care team, who was polite and patiently answered all my questions. I received very good support. Thanks.

Kamal Kumar Sharma

  |   24 Jul 2018

I recently had a wonderful experience with ICICI Lombard while purchasing a home insurance policy. The agent thoroughly explained everything and even answered my doubts about the add-on cover for rent for alternative accommodation. I am satisfied.

Alok Anand

  |   17 Jul 2018

I recently renewed my home insurance and the team at ICICI Lombard were just phenomenal. I had a few queries that were quite technical in nature, therefore my call was directed to the senior executive. And I must say that each of your agents contributed in making this whole process a hassle-free one.

R. Narayanan

  |   13 Jul 2018

I had a very pleasant interaction with the sales representative that I spoke to. She helped me through all the steps that I needed to complete to purchase my property insurance policy. Everything went smoothly. However, I am yet to receive the soft copy of my policy documents. How can I expedite this process?

V. Srinivasa Chary

  |   08 Jul 2018

I recently purchased a home insurance policy from ICICI Lombard. And while the buying process was smooth and simple, I still haven't received the hard copy. Please look into this and send the courier as soon as possible.

Surjit Kaur

  |   04 Jul 2018

The service from the agent at ICICI Lombard was good. He covered all the basics and introduced me to a home insurance policy that provides an add-on cover for rent or alternative accommodation. He then helped me complete the purchasing process. I am happy.

Aditya Mahajan

  |   30 Jun 2018

Thanks to the speedy follow-up and persistent nature of your executive, you have a new customer. I hope to receive the same level of assistance and support from your team in the future.

Krishanu Mitra

  |   22 Jun 2018

Great service provided by the representative from ICICI Lombard. I wanted to invest in a policy that provided adequate coverage against natural and man-made calamities, and he was able to fulfill my requirements with the home insurance plan he suggested. Glad to be a customer.

Scaria Mathew

  |   03 Jun 2018

I had browsed through ICICI Lombard's website to find a suitable home insurance policy. Shorty after this, I spoke to your insurance advisor who provided me with great assistance. He elaborated on all the benefits of this plan while helping me with the rest of the formalities. I am absolutely satisfied with the service.

Malhar Ambekar

  |   02 Jun 2018

I really wanted to convey my appreciation for your sales executive who efficiently guided me through the process of purchasing a much-needed home insurance policy. From filling out the application form to making me understand the comprehensive covers it offers, he did it all perfectly.

Jagadesh Balasubramani

  |   01 Jun 2018

I recently had the chance to interact with one of your salespersons and put forth my queries regarding home insurance policy. I am satisfied with the quality of assistance provided to me. I hope ICICI Lombard will continue to exceed every customer's expectations. Good luck!

Chandra Mohan Babbar

  |   30 May 2018

I wanted to purchase a home insurance policy that provides an add-on cover for rent or alternative accomodation. Hence, I contacted one of your insurance salespersons to inquire about the same. His excellent knowledge about the plan helped me make the purchase with utmost ease.

Vikram Anant Samsi

  |   29 May 2018

Your salesperson rendered services that were exceptionally professional and patient. I am very happy with the quality of the service provided to me today. You should have more employees like her on the team.

Atul Singhal

  |   28 May 2018

My policy was about to expire, and I started receiving calls from one of your customer service members to renew it. I can't thank her enough, because she helped me sidestep a huge loss. Wonderful work. All the best.

Rekha David

  |   27 May 2018

The customer service associate who helped me purchase a home insurance plan was excellent at her job. She had a clear and optimistic voice, which made buying a policy from ICICI Lombard reassuring. All the features and benefits were explained very well. That's how I know that I'm entitled to financial coverage against fire and burglary. Keep it up.

Dharminder Singh Chouhan

  |   23 May 2018

It was a remarkable experience dealing with your team member. He guided me efficiently and even elaborated on all the benefits and conditions of home insurance plans properly, emphasising the comprehensive coverage for structures and contents of the house. Thank you for your support.

Kaushik Pal Singh Ahluwalia

  |   22 May 2018

Thanks to your salesperson, I understood the entire procedure of booking an insurance policy. I also learned about the benefits of a good home insurance plan, such as upto 25% discount on content insurance and structure coverage of upto 10 years. Well done!

Omprakash Saini

  |   21 May 2018

The cooperation I received from ICICI Lombard's sales executive was outstanding. She supported me all the way till the end and made sure I learned about important features like upto 50% discount on structure insurance. Thank you for your help.

Prabhakar Dhuliya

  |   17 May 2018

I was looking for a home insurance policy that provides add-on cover for rent and coverage against natural calamities. I got in touch with one of your salespersons, who convinced me to buy the plan from ICICI Lombard. It was a pleasant experience, and I am satisfied with my purchase.

Gowrish Mallya

  |   16 May 2018

The salesperson did a great job of renewing my policy. Not only did he explain the whole process as he undertook it but also reacquainted me with benefits like coverage against both man-made and natural calamities. Thanks for all the help!

Manav Bakshi

  |   15 May 2018

First-class service from the agent at ICICI Lombard. I was issued the policy instantly and without any hassles, as promised. I don’t have any complaints whatsoever. Thanks a lot, and keep it up!


  |   14 May 2018

Just finished booking my home insurance policy from ICICI Lombard. The salesperson told me all about details like financial coverage against theft and fire. I have found my go-to company for all insurance needs.

Amit Nair

  |   13 May 2018

It was a pleasure talking to one of your agents. He offered a ton of support and carefully presented all the terms and conditions in a way that I remembered them. Thanks for the awesome experience!

Sangeeta Bajaj

  |   08 May 2018

It is always a delight to speak to your customer care representatives as they are helpful and knowledgable. The team member who approached me this time knew everything about the policy and encouraged me to make a decision only after understanding plan benefits like 10 years structural coverage and add-on cover for rent. Great job!

Amit Kishore

  |   07 May 2018

Top-notch service from the team of ICICI Lombard. I wanted to buy a home insurance policy, and one of your representatives guided me through the entire process. She was honest and forthcoming about important features like add-on cover for rent and coverage against man-made calamities. Thanks for responding to my queries!

Ravinder Singh

  |   06 May 2018

The agent from ICICI Lombard was a thorough professional. He gave excellent advice and suggested only those policies that were actually compatible with my needs. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Rajashri Chakraborty

  |   02 May 2018

I like the way your executive explained the details of the product. I received satisfactory answers to all my questions, and was informed about features I previously did not know about, such as comprehensive coverage and upto 50% discount on structure insurance. I am happy with the policy I purchased.

Ravinder Kumar Arora

  |   01 May 2018

I am extremely satisfied with the customer support service of ICICI Lombard. The salesperson helped me choose the right home insurance policy, which offers features like covers against natural calamities and add-on cover for rent for alternative accommodation. Another executive helped me resolve my login problem. Great work!

Sreenivasan Iyer

  |   30 Apr 2018

The ICICI Lombard customer care executive I spoke to carefully guided me through the process of purchasing two home insurance policies. She remained extremely patient and helpful during the interaction, and was very mindful of my interests. Thanks a lot!

Ankit Vats

  |   27 Apr 2018

While looking for a suitable home insurance, I was aptly and proficiently assisted by your representative. Through this interaction, I was made aware of many policy benefits such as coverage against both natural and man-made calamities. Excellent service!

Shridhar Hanumasagar

  |   25 Apr 2018

I would like to provide my feedback on the interaction I had with your salesperson. He helped me purchase my home insurance policy online. I am thankful for his excellent support and guidance. He made me aware of the plan’s terms & conditions as well as inclusions and exclusions.

Rajeev Ranjan Prasad

  |   23 Apr 2018

Just finalised my ICICI Lombard home policy! I received some really great support from your agent. Upon hearing my issue, he made suggestions that would suit me the best. I also learnt about useful provisions of the plan such as 50% discount on structure insurance.

Karthigeyan Gunaseelan

  |   21 Apr 2018

Thanks for helping out with the renewal of my ICICI Lombard home insurance. Your salesperson efficiently guided me in completing the aforementioned process over the phone. Through this conversation, I learned about the plan’s benefits like instant issuance of policy online.

Sarah Richardson

  |   19 Apr 2018

I received efficient assistance from two of your representatives for the renewal of my home insurance policy. The aforementioned process was completed very easily and without any delay. Their friendly nature and thorough professionalism impressed me. Thank you for such a good service.

Suhas Mhaskar

  |   17 Apr 2018

Your representative helped me buy a new home insurance policy. As the interaction proceeded further, I was made aware about the plan’s features. Some of these benefits included an add-on cover for rent in case of alternative accommodation. Good job!

Akhilesh Kumar

  |   15 Apr 2018

I had a wonderful experience while acquiring my home insurance. Your agent highlighted the policy features such as a 5 year financial coverage for the contents alone. I am really happy with the ICICI Lombard customer service support. Thanks!

Kumar Padmanabh

  |   12 Apr 2018

I was facing inordinate delays while linking my Aadhaar number with the home insurance policy. Because of that, I wasn’t sure if your company would be able to help. However, your representative removed all my doubts by efficiently guiding me through the said process. She’s an outstanding professional, and I now identify ICICI Lombard as my preferred service provider.

Ravi Seelam

  |   07 Apr 2018

While searching for the perfect home insurance policy that suits my needs, your executive was of great help. His assistance made it possible for the purchase to be completed easily. By talking to him, I was familiarised with the plan’s features such as instant issuance of the policy online without any hassles.

Surya Kant Thapliyal

  |   05 Apr 2018

I was able to subscribe to a home insurance policy with the valuable assistance of your executive. He also introduced me to the accident cover policy and removed all my doubts regarding the same. I am impressed with his help and wish him all the success.

Shovan Barik

  |   02 Apr 2018

Just booked my home insurance from ICICI Lombard! Your executive explained everything about the policy very clearly. Some of the details included financial coverage against fire and burglary. Good work.

Kuldeep Vashishtha

  |   31 Mar 2018

I had a very good experience with your agent while booking my ICICI Lombard home insurance. She explained all the aspects of the policy clearly, including benefits such as instant issuance of the plan online. Great job! And thank you for your cooperation.

Deepak Yadav

  |   28 Mar 2018

I am very satisfied with the assistance I received from one of ICICI Lombard’s agents. He helped me a lot by guiding me through each and every stage of purchasing my policy. After talking to him, I learned of the plan’s advantages like 50% discount on structure insurance.

Girish Gupta

  |   27 Mar 2018

For booking my home insurance, I spoke to your customer care executive. He provided me with complete information of the plan in an elaborate manner. However, I would like to request you to update the cost of construction table on the ICICI Lombard website. Thanks!

John Mascarenhas

  |   26 Mar 2018

The sales representative from ICICI Lombard was very patient, helpful, and informative. We would like to appreciate her guidance with regards to the purchase of our home insurance. She highlighted the plan’s countless advantages like a 5 year financial coverage for both the structure and contents inside the house. We are highly satisfied with her service.

Bhaskar Subramanian

  |   24 Mar 2018

While closing the transaction on my ICICI Lombard home insurance, I received strong support from your salesperson. I came to know about benefits such as financial coverage of 10 years for the structure. I would like to thank him for helping me to complete the purchase so quickly.

Rohit Ganoo

  |   22 Mar 2018

Your representative was extremely co-operative and helpful when it came to the purchase of my ICICI Lombard home insurance. She told me about the plan’s numerous facilities such as instant issuance of the policy online and so many others. Good job!

S.P. Ramesh

  |   20 Mar 2018

I called the ICICI Lombard customer care for assistance in renewing my home insurance. The way your agent handled the entire process was really good. She also reacquainted me with policy benefits such as coverage against both man-made and natural calamities. It was a very courteous and helpful phone conversation.

Kumar Padmanabh

  |   18 Mar 2018

I’d been finding it difficult to get my Aadhaar card number linked with my home insurance policy. But your salesperson helped me really well by guiding me to complete the procedure. She is simply an outstanding professional. ICICI Lombard has become my insurance provider of choice.

Surya Kant Thapliyal

  |   12 Mar 2018

The customer care executive from ICICI Lombard helped me to book a suitable home insurance policy. I received patient, satisfactory answers to all of my queries. He also introduced me to your personal accident insurance policy. I am impressed with his assistance. I wish him every success in life!

Jayashree Shankar

  |   08 Mar 2018

I called up ICICI Lombard’s customer care team for assistance with renewing my home insurance plan. The executive I spoke to helped me in the issuance of a fresh policy that had all the correct details. I’ve already received its copy in my mail inbox. Looking forward to speedy delivery of the original papers too!

Abhinav Saxena

  |   01 Mar 2018

I was efficiently assisted by your executive during the renewal of my home insurance policy. During the conversation, she reacquainted me with the plan’s benefits such as coverage against earthquakes, storms, burglary and acts of terrorism. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience as she patiently helped me to complete the procedure.

Sanket Sinojia

  |   28 Feb 2018

I would like to thank your agent for her clear explanation of the home insurance policy terms such as coverage for the home against theft or natural calamities. She gave me continuous support during the transaction. Keep up the good work.

Venkatachalam P.

  |   24 Feb 2018

ICICI Lombard’s customer support associate spared no effort in helping me to get my home insurance plan renewed. She clearly described the features and benefits of the policy such as financial coverage for the structure and content of the home. God bless her.

Sanjay Sharma

  |   23 Feb 2018

I would like to thank your agent for helping me to buy home content insurance online. She explained to me all the relevant policy provisions such as 5-year coverage for the contents of my home against certain natural and man-made calamities. The information provided was easy to follow.

Rasesh Patni

  |   20 Feb 2018

Just bought my ICICI Lombard home insurance policy online. Your executive explained to me the plan’s features such as coverage against losses to the structure and content of the home due to natural and man-made calamities. I am fully satisfied with the way she helped me to complete the procedure. I wish her every success.

Sandeep Gupta

  |   17 Feb 2018

I am really thankful to ICICI Lombard’s agents for helping me at each and every step during the purchase of my home insurance plan. They were forthcoming about how the policy offers comprehensive coverage for my home and its contents. I wish them good luck!

Premalatha Sridharan

  |   12 Feb 2018

Your insurance advisor was very patient and courteous. He went the extra mile in helping me to purchase home insurance. He gave me several insurance quotes till I settled on one I could go ahead with. Overall, he did an excellent job.

Umesha Nayak

  |   10 Feb 2018

I would like to commend your agent for her excellent service. She followed the proper insurance booking procedure, right from confirming my personal and policy details to discussing the plan’s respective inclusions and exclusions. I received the quote through email. When I found an error in the quote, it was clarified immediately.

Siddharth Singh

  |   08 Feb 2018

Your executive was most helpful, diligent and persuasive. She made sure that purchasing the plan was smooth and hassle-free for me. I also got to know about the policy benefits including coverage against a number of natural and/or man-made calamities.

Zephyrine Goveas

  |   06 Feb 2018

I renewed my home insurance policy with the help of an ICICI Lombard representative. She answered my questions satisfactorily and assisted me in the policy renewal process. Thanks for the guidance and support.

Rahul Jain

  |   02 Feb 2018

I’d gotten in touch with one of your agents for my home insurance purchase. She made the entire process of buying the policy quite easy and hassle-free for me. I would like to thank the ICICI Lombard team for providing me with the required information in less than no time.

Virendra Vasant Gurav

  |   28 Jan 2018

I’ve opted for home insurance with housebreaking coverage from ICICI Lombard. Your agent informed me about the plan’s several provisions including coverage against fire, burglary, and acts of terrorism. She spared no effort in helping me get the policy issued. Really good service!

Radha Rama Dorai

  |   24 Jan 2018

I had communicated with your agent for my home insurance purchase. She maintained a calm demeanour during our every conversation, and patiently explained to me the features of the policy such as financial protection against calamities caused by nature and man. Well done!

Anita Rampal

  |   23 Jan 2018

The sales executive I communicated with seemed patient, knowledgeable and intelligent. She spared no effort in explaining the policy provisions such as coverage against fire, burglary and acts of terrorism. I received satisfactory answers to all of my questions.

E. Chandi Prasad Rao

  |   21 Jan 2018

I received good support from ICICI Lombard’s representative during my home insurance purchase. The excellent service she provided to me has left me very happy. She definitely deserves a pat on the back!

Hitesh Bhalala

  |   19 Jan 2018

I had the privilege of interacting with your customer service representative for the purchase of my home insurance. He promptly called me up on my US number upon request and helped me to purchase the policies within minutes. Great job! Keep up the good work.

Akshat Mathur

  |   17 Jan 2018

Your customer advisor was of great help to me during the purchase of my two home insurance policies. He suggested the best options based on my requirements, and then guided me through the buying process. Great service by ICICI Lombard!

Gopalakrishna V.S. Yellapragada

  |   14 Jan 2018

Your salesperson guided me really well. He clearly explained the details of your home insurance plan and the various payment options available to me. The information he shared with me turned out to be good and accurate as I’ve already received the policy document.

M. Balasubramanian

  |   12 Jan 2018

I found the information on home insurance provided by your salesperson to be very useful. She explained to me the plan’s terms and conditions in detail, and answered all of my questions satisfactorily. Thanks!

Aniket Khanzode

  |   08 Jan 2018

I received great support from your customer service representative for my home insurance purchase. She had complete knowledge of the policy, and spared no effort in solving all of my queries. In fact, her in-depth knowledge and enthusiastic assistance is what convinced me to buy the plan.

Ramasharma Ambatipudi

  |   04 Jan 2018

I wanted to buy two home insurance policies and spoke with two of your agents in this regard. They explained to me the policy advantages such as coverage against both man-made and natural calamities, and gave satisfactory answers to all of my queries. I am happy with the support provided by them.

Tara Jayaram

  |   31 Dec 2017

Your agent was truly professional in her behaviour—just enough to convince me to renew my home insurance with ICICI Lombard. She did prompt follow-ups with me over the phone at the time and date I’d requested for. It was pleasant to talk to her. She walked me through the renewal process, and patiently helped me to complete the transaction despite my slow internet connection.

Amarpreet Singh

  |   21 Dec 2017

I was looking to buy home insurance and your customer service associate came to my aid right away. She was really helpful to me while filling up the insurance application online. In fact, she was very polite and cooperative throughout the purchase procedure. Really appreciate her sincerity and dedication to her job.

Venkatasalapathi Srinivasan

  |   10 Dec 2017

I’d gotten in touch with your executive for the purchase of my home insurance policy. It was a wonderful experience interacting with her. She explained the ins and outs of the policy in detail. She guided me to make the right choice and even helped to complete the payment process. I would highly recommend her for her excellent service.

Sastri Siva Kumar

  |   30 Nov 2017

I had a nice chat with your customer service executive today. She was very accommodating, and patiently explained to me the details of your home insurance plan. Her explanation convinced me that the policy was entirely suitable for my needs, which is why I decided to go ahead and buy it.

J. Vijayakumar

  |   16 Nov 2017

I am really impressed with the meticulous manner in which your agent assisted me. She helped me to zero in on the home insurance option that would give me the best long-term benefit. She even came to my aid when I was buying the policy online, because of which I was able to complete the payment without any hassle.

Naveen Bachwani

  |   22 Oct 2017

I spoke to the same customer care agent on more than one occasion and found her to be knowledgeable, caring and very responsive to my insurance needs. Please recognize the excellent effort she is putting in to address customer requirements in any way possible.

Kamini Verma

  |   11 Oct 2017

The advisor assisted me so very well, she was extremely helpful, well informed and above all so very patient with my repeated queries. She made the whole process a breeze. It's people like her that give a company a good name. Thank you!

Manan Desai

  |   10 Oct 2017

I just bought home insurance for a total of four properties from you. Unbelievable as it may sound I was more inclined to Bajaj Allianz for certain reasons including their offering of escalation clause and 25-year term. But your advisor eventually convinced me to buy from here. She was polite and yet persistent, knowledgeable but not wise-guy-sounding, and patient and yet efficient.

Rohit Thomas

  |   09 Oct 2017

Despite the fact that I had to have multiple calls regarding the same policy, your advisor showed great patience and helped me understand all the details. Purchased home insurance policy and that’s all thanks.

Vinod Kumar

  |   05 Oct 2017

The advisor helped very effectively in filling up online form and the details covered and non-covered under the policy. It was a great help throughout.

Raj Kumar Kamal

  |   03 Oct 2017

Had to renew my home insurance policy and your customer advisor guided me through the entire process and was always there to answer my questions at every step. Thanks and keep it up.

Sudhir Veeramangal Hebbar

  |   01 Oct 2017

The advisor provided excellent service. Her email response was specific to my queries, her call backs were quite prompt and inputs were detailed. I am very happy with the service provided by her to book the Home Insurance Policy.

Kanchan Kumar

  |   30 Sep 2017

The executive helped me in getting Home Insurance renewed online. She explained everything with clarity and patience. I rate her 10 out of 10.

Shahzad Akhter

  |   29 Sep 2017

I spoke with your executive for my home insurance related queries and she helped me with all my queries and provided all the details I was looking for. Thanks and best wishes.

Surendra Singh

  |   22 Sep 2017

We bought home insurance today and the executive helped us very nicely. She was there with us on call till we finished the complete process. She was very polite and explained all details about the policy. Its always great being ICICI customer.

Arup Ranjan Das

  |   19 Sep 2017

Wanted to buy home insurance from ICICI Lombard and your advisor made my decision even simpler. She explained all the details and helped me to clear all my concerns regarding the minute policy details. Booked the policy online after the call and completed the whole process in few minutes. Thanks for making it so easy.

Babu Narayan

  |   14 Sep 2017

I was able to renew my policy online easily thanks to the assistance from your executive. She appeared to be customer sensitive and eager to help with all clarifications patiently.

Satish Singh

  |   11 Sep 2017

Excellent detailing and work done including follow up calls by ICICI Lombard customer service advisor. Keep up the good work.

Kingshuk Majumdar

  |   09 Sep 2017

I purchased my home insurance online from your site. I am very impressed with information shared about the product.

Karan Joshi

  |   08 Sep 2017

Had a great experience discussing my home insurance needs with your advisors. Also bought the policy online while on the same call. Keep up the good work

Ravikumar D. Suthar

  |   05 Sep 2017

Extremely helpful customer service advisor. Thank you very much for helping me to purchase home insurance online.

Gail India Ltd

  |   03 Sep 2017

Purchased home insurance online after detailed discussion with your customer service advisor. She was very supportive and answered all my queries helping me to make my decision to purchase the insurance.

Sanjay Datar

  |   27 Aug 2017

Assistance and response towards my queries by customer service advisor was very good. She gave product details in depth. I would like to thank her for the support.

Padmakumar Nair

  |   15 Aug 2017

Customer service associate was very meticulous and excellent in her Job. Her follow-up is quite remarkable. Many times I procrastinate in my decision making but she didn’t loose any hope and did follow up. She was very convincing and helpful; also provided complete assistance in insuring home insurance. Thank you for all the help and support. Good luck.

Sumit Das

  |   07 Aug 2017

Online application process for home insurance was very easy and hassle free. The few doubts I had was cleared up by your Advisor. She was very helpful throughout the whole process.

Abrar Khan

  |   06 Aug 2017

Your team was very helpful and answered all my queries to buy home insurance with patience. All the best ICICI Lombard and team.

Ramesh Akinepalli

  |   04 Aug 2017

Your customer support team provided all details of home insurance policy. That helped me to understand and go ahead in buying the policy online.

Sreemannarayana Golla

  |   02 Aug 2017

Overall experience: very good. Your advisor has explained details of policy and her communication is good. She has given answers for all the queries which I have. Thanks.

Rajesh Rakheja

  |   29 Jul 2017

I had a query regarding renewal of home insurance which was very well stated to me by your representative. I am happy with the service. Also detailed information given for a new product i.e. Personal Protect Policy and it seems good policy.


  |   24 Jul 2017

Excellent support and best home insurance policy offered by ICICI Lombard. Overall experience was smooth and great. Thanks

Vijay Kumar Jain

  |   16 Jul 2017

Excellent support. Your team clearly explained the home insurance policy and helped me to buy home policy online. Very good follow up by your team. 100% satisfied.

R.P. Bhadran

  |   08 Jul 2017

The service provided by your advisor was extremely good. She could clarify all my queries authentically and helped me to buy home insurance policy online. Thanks.

A.A. Quyoom

  |   05 Jul 2017

I appreciate the commendable role played by your sales representative while dealing with me in procuring home insurance. She is candid, assiduous, diligent, dynamic and soft spoken lady. Her role definitely increases the product sale of the ICICI Lombard. I wish her immense success.

Sisir Kumar Mondal

  |   30 Jun 2017

Your customer care executive has supported me to buy Home insurance policy over the phone. I think she is absolutely fine and sharp at her work. I would like to take service from ICICI Lombard if I need any further protection services.


  |   20 Jun 2017

It was a very pleasant experience on buying policy from icicilombard.com, appreciate all service and support by your team. Thanks a lot.

Praveen Nair

  |   15 Jun 2017

The team at ICICI Lombard was very quick to respond to my queries and the services offered were above par. All my queries were dealt patiently by the customer care executive. Thanks to ICICI Lombard's team for their prompt services.


  |   31 May 2017

Sir, I would like to know about home insurance policy in detail.

Niranjan D Thakkar

  |   08 May 2017

ICICI Lombard’s home insurance has lots of benefits such as it covers damage against any natural calamities, fire and also it covers home content. Such an easy & quick process to buy policy online.

Dharmendra Kumar

  |   26 Apr 2017

Your customer executive has explained all terms and conditions of my home insurance policy. She is customer responsive, makes customer delighted and satisfied with the ICICI Lombard product offerings. I think she will be a true asset to ICICI Lombard in future.

Vijayasimha Br

  |   25 Apr 2017

I had an excellent experience with ICICI Lombard while buying home policy online. Great job. Thank you!

Anil Sazawal

  |   24 Apr 2017

Very helpful and informative information provided by your customer support team, they explained inclusions and exclusions of my home policy. Good job.


  |   23 Apr 2017

I have bought a home insurance policy online without any documents and paid premium online. Hassel free experience. Thank you ICICI Lombard.

Vinod Kumar Bhatia

  |   22 Apr 2017

Hi, your representative explained me why home insurance policy is necessary to protect my sweet home, also she provided information on add-on covers. Happy with overall experience.


  |   20 Apr 2017

I was not be able to access the website... might be some technical glitches.....your representative called me & helped in every possible way...right from informing every minute details of the policy to helping me making payment for the same....she just made the whole task simple....thanks a lot........

Abhishek Gupta

  |   19 Apr 2017

Your representative was helpful and very knowledgeable about the home policy. Looking at the benefits of the policy, I made a mind to buy home insurance policy from your organisation.

Vanaja Nair

  |   18 Apr 2017

Home insurance from ICICI Lombard have lots of coverage. Buying online was quick & easy.

Kunnathully Babu

  |   16 Apr 2017

Your representative was really helpful in renewal of the existing house insurance. She explained benefit of renewal of the policy in detail and helped me to renew online/payment of premium. She has even advocated for purchase of personal accident insurance policy to cover any loss on a/c of mishaps. Thank you.

Hedi Soman

  |   15 Apr 2017

Your team helped me to understand what is covered in my home insurance policy and what is not. They assisted me buying the policy online. Thank you.

Deepak Kunzru

  |   13 Apr 2017

I was thoroughly satisfied with your service. I interacted with your team regarding home insurance and they explained every aspect of policy, also assisted me to buy online.

Nilesh Yadav

  |   12 Apr 2017

Your executive helped me a lot throughout policy buy process. Mobile signal was weak, but she didn’t hesitate to repeat things again and again. Very co-operative and customer oriented. Thank you

Sateesh Chandra

  |   10 Apr 2017

Familiarize well with important facts about home insurance, and now I know why ICICI Lombard is best.

Soumen Bhattacharjee

  |   09 Apr 2017

Your team helped a lot. I appreciate their knowledge and support to buy home insurance.

William Dsouza

  |   08 Apr 2017

Excellent home policy offered by ICICI Lombard, it protects my home against any uncertainty. Feel relieved now. Thanks.

Vinod Lal Yadav

  |   07 Apr 2017

Your team provided very good service. They resolved all my doubts regarding home insurance policy and assisted me to buy online. Thanks a lot…

Dipak Ranjan Swain

  |   06 Apr 2017

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation and support for my home insurance policy. Nice customer service.

Sujit Marar

  |   02 Apr 2017

Your Employee have provided a detailed description for home Insurance and Personal Protect through examples, also explained advantages of having home insurance and clearly guided me through the process. Thanks for a clear suggestion, guidance for the policies.

Sagar Laddha

  |   30 Mar 2017

First class service from ICICI Lombard home insurance team. They are very helpful, cleared all my doubts and also provided all the information related to my policy. Thank you.

Ajay Kumar Wali

  |   27 Mar 2017

I was impressed the way one of your executives has dealt with a customer like me. I appreciate and congratulate ICICI Lombard to keep such front office staff who motivates the customer to get business for the company, and security for the customer.

Yash Gupta

  |   24 Mar 2017

Spoke to your home insurance advisor and he was very kind and helpful. He helped me to understand my home insurance policy. Peace of mind knowing that my home and its content are secured.

T.G. Chandrashekhar

  |   19 Mar 2017

I interacted with your representative. I was given a very good oversight of the policy to my satisfaction and she was clear and descriptive in her feedback. She had lot of patience to answer all my question. Excellent customer service.

Karan Saraf

  |   13 Mar 2017

Buying home insurance from icicilombard.com was very straightforward and easy. All the features and benefits are well pointed on website.

Jayanth P.

  |   10 Mar 2017

Absolutely excellent support from your representative for buying my policy from ICICI Lombard. She explained the terms and conditions about the policy very well and directed me through each and every page of the website. Any small information about a policy is very much important before purchasing it, especially in this competent world of business. And getting it explained by a CCE patiently and clearly is another big challenge which we customers are facing there. She has done her job very well. Thanks for giving light in the area of insurance, where I was completely in dark and scared of.

Rohan Karmarkar

  |   07 Mar 2017

Your advisor was very helpful in me purchasing my home insurance policy. She provided with all the clarifications and details. She was very transparent and provided multiple options.

Muniraju Kolar

  |   04 Mar 2017

I got help from your agent. She guided me through the policy buying process and also explained the policy details like inclusions and exclusions very clearly. It was a pleasant experience buying the policy from icicilombard.com. Thank you.

Prashant Saxena

  |   03 Mar 2017

Have used the ICICI Lombard Company before and therefore chose to use them again to get home insurance for my new flat. Excellent customer service always.

Ajay Dhar

  |   28 Feb 2017

Your representative has been very clear in taking me through the home insurance renewal process. Her communication and instruction were very precise and to the point. Thanks

Shouvik Majumdar

  |   26 Feb 2017

Your team has been extremely helpful in sorting out and explaining the policy details as well as the circumstances under which policy will not be covered. Thank you so much.

Sridhar Kuppu

  |   21 Feb 2017

Thanks to ICICI Lombard for making the whole experience of obtaining our home insurance simple and straight forward. I will certainly recommend them to friends and family

Appaso Patil

  |   18 Feb 2017

It was wonderful experience of buying the home insurance policy. The information provided by your team was adequate and good. Thanks.

Pankaj Krishna

  |   14 Feb 2017

Your representative was very helpful and informative. Guidance given by him helped me to take the decision to buy a home insurance as well as a personal insurance too. Thanks for all the guidance and support.

Raj Sujan

  |   12 Feb 2017

Excellent. Meticulous service from ICICI Lombard. I bought home insurance policy online and received soft copy on my registered email id. Thanks for such a quick service.

Sanjay Chauhan

  |   11 Feb 2017

Thank you ICICI Lombard for such an extraordinary support. Your representative explained me the policy’s inclusion and exclusion in detail. Great policy!

bhargav sojitra

  |   09 Feb 2017

My home insurance policy was excellent which covers my building structure as well as content of my flat. Fantastic service offered by ICICI Lombard.

Sarah Richardson

  |   07 Feb 2017

I received excellent service from ICICI Lombard. Their representative explained all the details of home insurance and also assisted me to buy the policy via online.

Snehendu Mondal

  |   05 Feb 2017

Hi, your executive has helped me to choose the right home insurance policy as per my need. He assisted me during buying process. Thank you.

Purnim Saha

  |   27 Jan 2017

Fantastic service! Your representative explained me what is covered and what is not covered in my home insurance policy. Thank you….

Poonam Mitra

  |   24 Jan 2017

ICICI Lombard, your executive assisted me in getting a home insurance policy. He explained me all features of my policy. I really appreciate all the help.

Nelson Cabral

  |   22 Jan 2017

Just got a Home insurance policy and was very happy dealing with ICICI Lombard website. Excellent policy offered by ICICI Lombard.

Ratnesh Kumar Purohit

  |   19 Jan 2017

Your representative helped me to resolve all my queries on home insurance policy and assisted me to buy the policy online.

Abhishek Kumar

  |   18 Jan 2017

Very good response from your team while purchasing home insurance policy. They explained me all the exclusions in the policy. This is one of the best home insurance policy offered by ICICI Lombard.

Sushil Mishra

  |   17 Jan 2017

Your team assisted me great and very quickly. They highlighted all the key features of policy such as we can buy the insurance for building structure as well as home content etc. I highly appreciate their help to purchase the policy. Thank you, all the best!!

Sameet Naik

  |   16 Jan 2017

Thank you for helping me to get a Home Insurance policy. It was very informative and helpful website, hassle free buying policy from icicilombard.com

Sangeeta Bajaj

  |   15 Jan 2017

ICICI Lombard website is very helpful, it provides all the information of a home insurance policy and I bought this policy online. Overall excellent experience.

Rahul Chawla

  |   13 Jan 2017

Your team representative has given a good walkthrough of a home insurance policy over call and helped me to buy the policy. Thanks.

Bontha Papa Rao

  |   12 Jan 2017

Your team was very helpful in point-by-point guidance on selection of home insurance policy. Also, explaining the inclusions and exclusions in the policy. I am very much satisfied by their dedication and customer-centric approach.

Prashanth Murthy

  |   11 Jan 2017

Your team explained me all the details of home insurance with inclusion & exclusion in policy and helped throughout the buying process of policy. Thanks

Ashish Tripathy

  |   11 Jan 2017

Hassle free Insurance Procedure. Your team had provided me the relevant information regarding the home insurance policy and helped me in policy issuance. Overall the process was simple and customer centric. Thanks

Gautam Lahiri

  |   08 Jan 2017

I have spoken to your support staff, she helped me to buy the home insurance for structure and content. She is very professional and knowledgeable and successfully guided me to buy the product online. She must be recognized for this work.

Saugat Dutta

  |   08 Jan 2017

I purchased my Home Insurance and Content Policies from your advisor. She explained the policies in detail and was able to advice on several aspects of home and content insurance. Great policy. Thanks.

Manoj Kumar

  |   08 Jan 2017

Awesome experience! Your team explained well to me about home policy and assisted me in buying the policy online. Thanks

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  |   07 Jan 2017

I interacted with your sales representative for buying home insurance. She was quite helpful, knowledgeable and efficiently guided me to complete my transaction. Overall the experience was excellent.

saurabh sahni

  |   06 Jan 2017

Your advisor from New Delhi was fantastic. He explained me all details about home insurance policy and helped me to choose right policy as per my need. Kudos..

Suresh Shah

  |   06 Jan 2017

Your team has been the most helpful during my process of getting the home insurance policy. They explained each and every detail of a policy and guided throughout the policy buying procedure. Thanks

Sailesh Kumar

  |   05 Jan 2017

Excellent support by your team, due to this I am able to complete the purchasing process of home insurance easily. They were very prompt, clear to the point and provided all the details necessary for me to be able to complete the purchase. Much appreciate their support and quality of service.

Rinugeorge Dastur

  |   05 Jan 2017

I had a very good experience in purchasing a home insurance policy from ICICI Lombard. Your team resolved all my queries related to policy and assisted me to purchase the policy online.

Naveen Jayaraman

  |   03 Jan 2017

It was a good experience. Your sales representative answered all my questions regarding home insurance and she also helped me in buying the policy online. Thanks

Rohit Gambhir

  |   31 Dec 2016

I received informative details about home insurance from your team and they helped me to purchase the policy.

Rachit Madan

  |   29 Dec 2016

Your agent was really helpful in conversing and finding the best home insurance policy for me. Looking forward for more in future.

Kumkum Ganguly

  |   26 Dec 2016

Your team helped me to purchase a good home insurance policy and explained me that this policy cover losses against burglary, theft etc. Their support is appreciated.

Rohit Uttamchandani

  |   24 Dec 2016

Your support team did a great job at taking me through the process of buying my home insurance policy.

G Shyamala Rao

  |   24 Dec 2016

Dear Sir/Mam, really, your support advisor was very helpful in buying home insurance policy. She explained me policy in detail and resolved all my queries. I hope in future if help is required I will contact you ICICI Lombard.

Sivaramakrishnan Ramakrishnan

  |   24 Dec 2016

Your agent has helped me to get a Home Insurance policy online. She was very patient and walked me through the procedure, inclusions and exclusion.

Balamurali Balakrishnan

  |   23 Dec 2016

Your team provided excellent support to decide the exact home insurance policy as per my requirement. Thanks

Bharat Lalwani

  |   18 Dec 2016

Your team member was very good in terms of explaining the home insurance policy, being polite, courteous and solving the purpose for which I called. She was complete in terms of ensuring immediate policy purchase, solving queries and even ensuring feedback. It is delight to have this kind of good customer care executives and it was wonderful interacting with her.

Amar Bajaj

  |   17 Dec 2016

Your team helped me to purchase home insurance policy online. Thanks ICICI Lombard for such a great service.

Biju Nair

  |   17 Dec 2016

Your team was very helpful and informative about my home insurance policy. They provided all the information on policy. Good work keep it up!!

Anjani Choubey

  |   16 Dec 2016

Excellent service provided by ICICI Lombard. Your team explained everything and were helpful for finalising the home insurance policy as per my need.

Hari Das

  |   15 Dec 2016

Your team resolved all my queries and helped me to buy home insurance policy in a matter of minutes. Excellent.

Bakhshish Bains

  |   19 Nov 2016

Excellent home insurance offered by ICICI Lombard and great service. Thanks

Mohan Krishnan

  |   18 Nov 2016

Excellent support by your team to buy home insurance.

Manish Jaitly

  |   17 Nov 2016

Your customer support team was very helpful in explaining me both the home insurance and the personal accident policy. They had followed up professionally and did a very good job.

Balaji Damodaran

  |   15 Nov 2016

Your team has explained me the latest features of the home insurance policy and it was really good. Clearly explained me to understand new enhanced features for add on cover and helped me to buy policy online. Website is very elegantly carved and easy to do things online. Really nice.

Kashyap Parmar

  |   14 Nov 2016

Your support team has provided all required details to buy home insurance policy.

Sudeep Unnikrishnan

  |   13 Nov 2016

Your representative was very helpful in selecting the home policy, explaining the features like protecting home content such as jewellery, electronics and furniture etc. Excellent service

Hareram Singh

  |   12 Nov 2016

I had an interaction with your representative and they helped me to buy home insurance policy online. Thank you so much

Rajeev Saxena

  |   10 Nov 2016

Your executive was very helpful to me and very clear in conversation. She has resolved all the issues and had a good knowledge about home insurance policy.

Pantulu Gunnaiah Dinavahi

  |   09 Nov 2016

ICICI Lombard Contact Person is very excellent in sales, she did a very impressive job of pre-sales, and guided me well through the process of buying the Home Insurance policy online.

Anil Raina

  |   07 Nov 2016

Good sales person and very helpful team. I am impressed the way you are handling the customer’s query. Thanks for resolving all my doubt about home insurance.

Sanju Yadav

  |   06 Nov 2016

It was great help from your team throughout the process from selecting home insurance as per my requirement to buying the policy. Thanks

Mugdh Kumar

  |   04 Nov 2016

The assisting executive was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and committed towards their job. She has provided all the details and benefits of home insurance.

Rushvin Pathak

  |   03 Nov 2016

Your support team had been superb in customer service. They proactively suggested to buy 2 more useful policies as well. Great customer service by ICICI Lombard

Saraswati Rajagopal

  |   02 Nov 2016

Your team was very helpful in buying home insurance policy online. Thanks

G. Jagannath

  |   01 Nov 2016

I have been contacted by your advisor to buy the home insurance policy and she was very much co-operative in guiding and helped me to buy the policy. Thank you very much for your service.

Nitya Adhikari

  |   21 Oct 2016

The entire process was very convenient and fast!. The policy was also delivered on time.

Sunil Nair

  |   05 Sep 2016

The overall experience of renewal was smooth. Thanks ICICI Lombard.

Sachin Gupta

  |   09 Feb 2016

Good service, good guidance. Your team guided me step by step and all details of the product were explained in detail. Complete procedure done online, in continuation with a call.