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Insurance Article

5 tips to get a renewed health

June 19 2009

The theme of World Health Day 2009 is to focus on the safety of health facilities and the readiness of health workers who treat those affected by emergencies.

Many of us may or may not be affected by such emergencies but we can certainly be a part of this mission by creating a healthy environment. See how some simple health and wellness tips can help you achieve sound health at least for yourself: Following factors are in your control and implementing them will certainly bring you good healthy living:

Well-balanced diet: A balanced diet means eating the right amount and right type of health food. Consuming appropriate portions of variety of nutritious foods nurture your body and keep you active. A well-balanced diet consists of food groups that provide sufficient carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals to your body. These are essential sources of energy, fiber, strength and stamina. Eating healthy food in a right way also makes you feel good about yourself as your emotional well-being is dependent on it.

Regular Exercise: It is important to add movement to your life for healthy living. Regular exercise brings multiple benefits that improve your body and mind. If you have hectic lifestyle, try doing small activities like taking steps instead of elevators, opting for longer routes to your desk, parking further so you walk between the car and the stores, playing with kids, swimming on free days, joining a dance or aerobics class. Simply getting an exercise buddy can also help you a lot in order to be fit and live healthy life. So, keep moving.

De-stressing: Timely and adequate sleep is essential and works as stress buster for natural health. Resting and relaxing are key ‘activities’ that help you manage stress in a better way. Allow yourself to de-stress at least once a day. Listen to music, plant trees, read a book or just sit at a comfortable place and breathe in deeply. Stress management is not very difficult if you’re eating balanced meals and exercising regularly. But if it’s still overpowering you then ensure that you take additional steps to combat stress.

Adopting new healthy habits: Instead of changing a bad habit, adopt a new habit. If you’re leaving home without having breakfast, it’s a time to adopt a habit of ensuring that you have breakfast before leaving home. Research has shown that people, who eat breakfast, tend to take in more vitamins and minerals and less of fat and cholesterol. Quitting to smoke or moderating consumption of Alcohol are difficult habits to change but not impossible. Smoking doesn’t induce any benefits and damages your health in many ways. If you carefully choose your drinks then they might help you to a certain extent for better health. Prefer making your own cocktails. Also, avoid drinking creamy liqueurs after dinner as they contain huge amount of calories.

Positive Attitude: This is common yet very important. Your attitude towards looking at life alone can change many things. Thinking positive keeps your mind and body active. Find a way to bring joy into your life by pursuing some hobby, be creative, pamper yourself with a massage treatment, get a pet, believe in sharing, make friends, help your neighbors or simply write a blog every week. A lot can be done if you think positive you can… because when you think you can, you will..!

Ensure yourself a better health this year to live longer… Happier..!

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