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Insurance Article

Get the cheapest health insurance for yourself with Individual Health Insurance coverage

April 02 2010

 In our zeal to work and complete tasks we seldom realise that as individuals we need to take out time for our health as well. Therefore, before any emergency strikes we must secure ourselves with Individual Health Insurance coverage.

While researching various insurance policies,you might be tempted to quickly go for the cheapest health insurance that is available.However,while looking for insurance that suits your needs, make sure you do not make the premium rates the sole factor for determining your choice. Getting the cheapest health insurance may not be the best move as you may overlook some key areas of coverage.So look for a policy that gives extensive Individual Health Insurance coverage while being affordable.

A situation like an accident must be considered while you look to get insurance for yourself. Giving yourself ample coverage can take the financial burden off your head. Typically, an accidental coverage policy would give you coverage for death or disablement. In case of both these, there is financial assistance to either the person or to his family. You should protect each and every one of your travel plans because it is very easy for an event to derail all your expectations from your trip.

Individual Health Insurance coverage
policies can also provide you cover for OPD expenses that might arise if you need to get check-ups done for a problem. You may also have to spend for tests or ambulance charges from your own pocket. In such cases, your insurance steps in and takes care of all the bills. Make sure even if you find the cheapest health insurance, it gives you cover for the above-mentioned situations.Another benefit of availing insurance for yourself is that you can get tax benefits on the premiums that you pay towards your insurance.

As per the Section 80 D of the Income Tax act, you can get some respite on your taxes if you own a health insurance. You can also choose to buy your policy online. This is more advantageous as the power of choosing is dependent upon your own discretion and you have access to more options to choose from. You can even renew your online policy with ease in case you are not in your city or country. Renewal for online policies makes it easy for you to access your policy from any corner of the world and instantaneously. You can even use your credit card or pay your premium in EMIs, in case you are not able to pay the entire amount. This facility of online insurance makes life easy for you. In the end getting the cheapest health insurance is not the main criteria for buying Individual Health Insurance coverage. 


You can look for the ideal Individual Health Insurance coverage for yourself. The cheapest health insurance is not however the best insurance for yourself. You must look at various other factors such as coverage and premiums before you decide on the best Individual Health Insurance coverage. Falling for the cheapest health insurance is not always the wisest decision.

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