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Insurance Article

Growing healthcare costs call for insurance as a required investment

May 04 2010

The only way that you can tackle the situation is by investing in a good Mediclaim policy . Such a change in the Healthcare sector points towards a good direction. However to be able to accept these readily you need a cost affordable, yet comprehensive Mediclaim policy. This can be seen as an investment towards your health, which will enable you to reap immense benefits at the time of an emergency.

Due to high quality treatment in private hospitals, many individuals prefer to get treatment from there. Thus, the high Healthcare costs of the hospitals also have to be borne by you if you want quality treatment. Illnesses like hypertension or heart attacks are not limited to people of a certain age group anymore.

Even people in their 20’s or 30’s can fall prey to such attacks owning to stressful lifestyles. Therefore it is wise to get a Healthcare policy that can give coverage to lifestyle diseases as long as you remain with the same policy provider. If you take a Mediclaim policy at a later age, then there may be a possibility that if you develop these diseases, you might not get coverage for them instantly. Also the Healthcare costs that include diagnosis and treatment for illness have shot up in the last few years. A comprehensive Health Policy can give you some benefits that can help you in saving some costs:

  • OPD costs that include consultation or specialist fees
  • Charges levied for diagnostic treatments and ambulance charges are covered for
  • Cashless hospitalisation benefits
  • Exemption from sub limits on the room rent
  • Coverage for costs incurred before and after the hospitalisation
As it is seen in the above points, when we talk of a comprehensive Mediclaim policy you would like to get a policy the gives coverage for situations besides that of an emergency situation. Costs of a test or a consultation might not seem too much at a glance but when you compare them over some time the cumulative healthcare costs can be very alarming.

A good Mediclaim policy provider can also reward you if you do not claim any amount during a certain period of a year. You can be rewarded with a ‘no-claim’ bonus that can either give you a discount on the premium or increase the insured sum. In a nutshell, a good Mediclaim policy is a wise investment for your health and advancement in the Healthcare sector. Summary:

The Healthcare sector has undergone changes in the past that has increased the Healthcare costs in the country. The best possible way that you can shield yourself is by taking a Mediclaim. A Mediclaim takes care of all the Healthcare costs. Insurance for health has brought a change in the lifestyle of people and Healthcare sector and is here to stay.

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