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Insurance Article

Health Insurance - Your certificate of assurance and wellbeing

February 15 2011

So, untimely health concerns may need immediate medical attention. At this point, if you discover that medical cost abroad is burning a hole in your pocket, then its time to realise the importance of health Insurance.

Whether small spends or large, medical bills may or may not be your company or need abroad, but as said, it is always better to have a back-up before taking a leap. So, may it be a vacation, business trip or study trip abroad along with travel insurance it is a must to own health insurance too. A carefully selected family insurance delivers best of benefits to all travellers. All you need to do before considering the health policy is, to know the offers and coverages linked with it. As an insured, you should also consider giving the following aspects a good thought.

1. Is the payment based on annual or incident ?

2. What does your policy cover only basic or extended coverages?

3. Does the plan offer cashless hospitalisation in the destination country? This is extremely useful in case of a lone traveller, also it is especially important to confirm in case of a senior citizen or a child

4. Understand the exclusion clauses of the chosen plan.

5. Is your family insurance policy renewable? Consider asking this question too. If your policy is renewable then in times of ailment your renewed policy can help you get continuous coverage on the same inspite of renewal.

6. Make a list of the network hospitals that can be contacted with this policy in times of medical exigencies.

An overseas vacation should be fun for you and your family. By purchasing medical insurance on or before time you are surely gonna end up enhancing your overseas experience by not only reducing your financial liabilities in case of medical emergencies, but also by buying yourself the peace of mind.

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