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Insurance Article

Health Insurance A brief guide to help you choose one

October 17 2012

That change in mindset and awareness leads most people to think about getting a health insurance for those unforeseen illnesses and disruptions in the healthy functioning of their body. When prepared for purchasing a health insurance, it is always advisable to take a comprehensive health insurance as it completely takes care of sudden hospitalisation which can be traumatising for everyone.

There are just a few factors that should be considered when insuring yourself or your family members. The most important is to not listen to unsolicited advice. This is generally the case when people try to know about the health plans taken by relatives, neighbours and friends and assume that they can emulate somebody’s choice when they wish to buy insurance for themselves.

For getting the right insurance, it is crucial to know what you are looking for. You should be well informed, aware of all your requirements including your budget. It makes a big difference if you are aware of what is covered and what is not when looking to buy an insurance policy.

The minimum entry age for the complete health insurance policy is 6 years. It is advantageous to get a policy while you are at the peak of your health as you do not have to undertake a medical test to get an insurance cover under the age of 45 years. Such minor details help you make the right decision when you buy health insurance. It is possible to customise the health insurance policy as per every individual's requirement. In case of hospitalization, a policy covers the expenses for the room, doctor’s fees or a surgeon’s along with the medical bills, to a large extent. More often, the policy also takes care of all the medical expenses 30 days prior and 60 days after hospitalisation.

Being paranoid and stressed is a likely reaction to sudden hospitalisation due to unforeseen events. This is when a health insurance will come to your rescue. With a network of over 4000 hospitals, the policy holder can even get cashless claim which allows the family to focus on the health of the hospitalised family member. These pointers can help you determine just what you will need when you look to buy insurance to be prepared for unanticipated medical bills


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