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Insurance Article

Health Insurance for Adults above the Age of 55 Comes With a Free Health Check-Up

April 19 2010

It is only natural for a son to worry about his parents’ physical condition because age is the biggest leveller of things. Looking at the worry and concern of the children, it is only understandable that they try to protect their parents as much as possible by way of health insurance policies. Sometimes parents are included as a part of policies that are bought for the whole family, thus extending coverage to them as well.

Buying such policies used to be a lot more difficult and time consuming in earlier times. However, since then, the process has become simpler. One major difference between then and now is that health insurance includes advantages for adults above the age of 55 years. Some policies offer free health checkup coupons that can be availed in the policy period of say one year. Infact, apart from offering such benefits like free health checkup, the whole medical insurance industry has gone through a lot of changes.

The following are some of those changes.​

The health insurance policiesof today are very much specific in nature. Even though some parts doremain same because of their basic nature, other things change withrespect to the potential buyer. This means that if you and your friendapply for a policy, then you both may get different types of quotationsfrom the medical insurance provider. Hence, it can be said that health insurance policies have become more adaptable than earlier. Bonuses: The medical insurancepolicies of today come accompanied by multiple additional features suchas cashless hospitalisation, OPD coverage, no claims bonuses etc.

Speed: Since aspects such as payment for health checkups,needing complicated paperwork and time taken to process the policy have been removed from the picture, the whole process of buying a medical insurance policy has become faster and smoother. Effectively, the insurance industry has seen changes mentioned above as well as free health checkups as a part of the medical insurancepolicy that even people above 55 years can avail. For availing such a checkup there can be some conditions that you might need to fulfill. You might need to take prior appointments at diagnostic center that come under your policy providers circle. A reliable insurance company makes sure that it gives benefits such as a free health coupon for members over 55 years of age when they become eligible and purchase a medical insurance.


In the current medical insurance scenario, a health insurance buyer can purchase a medical insurance policy for someone above 55 years of age and get free health checkup benefit with it. Things like free health checkup and many others have made the life of a health insurance holder very easy and beneficial. Thus, as is evident medical insurance in India is going a long way in benefiting the insured.

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