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Insurance Article

Health Insurance in India is a wise investment

March 27 2010

Unlike earlier times where one did not fall prey to chronic illness, in today’s world it is common for people to develop these diseases early. These statistics indicate people may develop illnesses like cancer, heart disease before they reach mid life. If you view the issue from an all India perspective, you will face certain stark facts.

If you want to have treatment of some ailments in a good hospital, you may have to spend as a lot for treatments like a hernia surgery, angioplasty, open heart surgery, leave alone cases of kidney transplant etc which are more expensive. In times like these to arrange for such sums becomes very difficult for families or individuals. health insurance in India covers hospitalization if a patient stays in hospital for more than 24 hours in case of illness, accident, symptoms after he is diagnosed and requirements of a surgery.

The insurance typically covers: Boarding charges Surgeon, anesthetist, consultant fees, I.C.U expenses Diagnostic charges like X- ray, M.R.I, C.T scan blood test, etc. Surgical appliances, medicines, operation theater charges Pacemaker cost Dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy Artificial limbs Health insurance in India also covers in almost all cases of pre-hospitalization and post- hospitalization expenses.

The pre-hospitalization expenses cover laboratory, X-ray or any other essentially required diagnostic test charges, medicines and physician’s fees. The post-hospitalization charges include the cost of treatment ordered by the physician up to a stipulated time limit. In the absence of health insurance in India, mobilization of funds would impose serious distress on a family of average means. According to another statistics, most part of the working Indian population does not have ready cash in such situations.

Only a small percentage can afford to meet the high expenditure instantly. Most Indians would face financial distress in case any of the family members has a critical illness. It is only this insurance in India that can come to own rescue in such cases.Summary: Health insurance in India is essential for the people except for the very rich who are capable of funding the cost of all treatments. health insurance in India gives you the peace of mind to face a crisis on the health front. Every class of society can gain access to costly and sophisticated treatment through this insurance.

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