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Insurance Article

How to Stay Healthy during Monsoons

March 10 2010
This is the breeding season for mosquitoes, and the overflowing sewers and scattered untreated waste only make it easier for the mosquitoes to spread the diseases. Below are a few tips for Staying Healthy During the Monsoons:

  • Avoid street food, besides polluted water; the chances of catching a viral infection from someone else are also higher
  • Avoid eating fruits and vegetables without washing properly as they may contain larvae and worms
  • Carry your own bottle of boiled/filtered water; it’s more trustworthy than even bottled mineral water
  • Use anti-insect and mosquito repellents wherever and whenever you can, including when travelling
  • Avoid walking through flooded areas, besides not knowing how deep the puddle is, it also a breeding ground for a variety of diseases
  • Keep yourself dry as far as possible, as a dry body is less prone to catching the chills
  • Stick to warm beverages, herbal and ginger teas are a great choice
  • Avoid eating raw, uncooked food and leftovers, as freshly cooked food would be ideal to combat contamination
  • Wash your hands regularly and make use of a sanitizer when unable to do so
  • Use appropriate footwear, something that will give you a good grip and adequate protection
  • Drinking water at regular intervals is very good, even in monsoons when you’re not particularly thirsty
  • Do not ignore fevers, rashes and other symptoms, they could be a start of something even worse, so visit a doctor just to make sure
  • Get yourself vaccinated, after all prevention is always better that cure
  • Digestion gets slower in monsoons, so avoid straining your stomach with overeating

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