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Insurance Article

Medical Insurance - Need of the hour

October 18 2012

Medical expenses are also rising so as to cause a big dent in the common man’s pocket. Getting yourself covered with a medical insurance is the first step one can take towards averting a potential financial crisis.

Very often, people push the thought of health insurance coverage at the back of their mind to focus on it some other time. They feel the need to opt for a health cover when they are well into their middle age. However, it is always smart to get yourself insured before a serious medical emergency is at your doorstep. A comprehensive policy offers a number of benefits which should be taken into consideration when deciding on a policy.

One of the important features of a complete health insurance policy is that it offers cashless claim facility. Covering over a network of 4000+ hospitals across India, it is possible to get immediate treatment for the insured person at these hospitals by sharing a fraction of the cost as per your policy terms. This facility lets you concentrate on getting the hospitalised person fit and fine rather than worrying about arranging for enough finances to meet medical bills.

A person below the age of 45 years is not required to undergo a medical test or a health check-up when buying a complete health insurance policy. This certainly eases the nagging worry many experience when thinking of buying a medical insurance in their middle age. An individual can also avail of a number of value added services which make sure you are blessed with good health like online chat with doctor, dietician and nutritionist consultation and more. One can continue to get these services without any worries even while your medical claim is being settled. With changing times policy coverage have also been modified so as to secure your loved ones against any hospitalisation expenses resulting from terrorist activities.

For the policy holder's benefit, a good insurance coverage allows flexible choices for an individual to customise their policy plan as per their preferences. Thus one can choose the policy period conveniently along with structuring the premium as per the policy holder’s needs.

Thus, a thoughtfully chosen health insurance plan can suffice the various needs that arise in medical emergencies and prevent you from bearing the financial brunt of an illness.

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