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Insurance Article

Now You Don't Need To Undergo Medical Check Ups Every Time You Buy Insurance

May 19 2010

 In addition to this, insurance companies themselves have been trying to make everything as convenient as is possible for the potential buyer i.e. you. If you have ever spoken to someone from the older generation about medical insurance policies, you will find that, in earlier days, a health check up used to be mandatory for a person to be given a health care insurance policy. In contrast, the medical insurance industry has made conscious efforts to simplify the whole process for you. You can now avail health care insurance policies without even worrying about any health check ups or medical tests.

Many policies extend themselves to a certain age group that is still young and hence do not require a health check up as a prerequisite while purchasing the policy. The ideal situation would be where the market moves towards a point where the majority of health care insurance policies would stop keeping health check up as a requirement. In addition to this, many medical insurance providers have also tried to make the job easy by adopting multiple other steps.

The following is a list:

1 - Layout:
First steps that these providers take is to make their websites as conducive to comprehension and understanding as is possible. This means that these providers try to use simple language and bullet techniques to help you understand the policy better.

2 - Paperwork:
The availability of the digital format has allowed health care insurance providers to eliminate the need for paperwork entirely. Nowadays, everything happens in a digital format. This means that all the hassle and tediousness of filling forms or taking care of policy documents is no longer required.

3 - Calculators: Another useful tool provided by medical insurance providers is the insurance premium calculators. These calculators are designed to calculate the insurance premium that you would be required to pay on the basis of information provided by you. These calculations also would help you figure out what tax benefits you can avail from the medical insurance policy.

A majority of the population buys insurance before they reach a particular age; therefore the chances of them being healthier at the time of buying insurance are higher than a person in his 50’s.Therefore making a health checkup cut off age for a certain age group makes more sense than making it applicable to everyone in general.

Medical insurance policies are becoming more and more customer driven as against older times. Hence, it is easier for you to find and then buy the right policy for yourself without having to undergo a health check up.


Medical insurance policies earlier, unlike the current health care insurance policies, used to make it mandatory for the policy buyer to have a health check up. However, since the health care insurance policies of today do not require any health check ups, the potential customer finds it much easier to buy a medical insurance policy.

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