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Insurance Article

Outline on health insurance

December 07 2012

Insurance is not a new word for the market. In previous times, people wanted to remain away from all this because at that time there was only Life Insurance for the family. Life insurance meant family would get the amount after the death of their loved ones. People in mass were totally away from Insurance sector, as they did not want to take money for the death of their family member. Besides this thought, the process of taking insurance was also difficult. However, slowly-slowly the insurance sector has improved not only in services or process but also in product variety.

Other than the life insurance, there are various kinds of insurances and one of them is Health Insurance. It is now considered as one type of investment for the protection and health of family members, depending upon the plan chosen for and according to one’s pocket.

People’s thought towards the insurance has changed due to knowledge and due to increase in unwanted happenings in life. Another reason is that new type of disease came onto existence and medication for every disease became expensive in the due course of time. Now family head wants to give full security to his/her family members after any unwanted happenings to him/her. These protection policies are not only a boon to rich person but also a helping hand to middle and poor class. Such as “mediclaim” is a boon for a person who suffers from various diseases.

Now it is very easy to be insured just on your call or by a click on mouse of your computer. You will get an advisor who explains the best suitable plan to you according to your income. After being insured, the person finds himself in protection area.

During any bad happening, he/she will get the financial help from the insurance company after fulfilling the formalities. All the expenses of treatment, operation and medicine will be bear by insurance company. Previously there were selected disease covered by insurance companies but companies have crossed all the barriers, there is hardly a disease, which is not covered by these companies now.

There are various companies in the market. Each company has its product such as Mediclaim, Hospitalization cash back, and critical plan too. Each product has its specialty. It is in the customer’s hand to choose right policy. At present, Family insurance is most preferred one, as head of the family has to pay single premium for the health security of all the family members.

After being insured, one can easily pay ones treatment bills without any headache or tension. He/She has to fulfill formalities of the insurance company. Along with Tax benefits, an insured family is also protected by mishaps of the life. Now we can say insurance is for the life and after the life. Each family should be insured.

In today’s scenario when each day comes with a new disease, these policies are a weapon to fight with fate.

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