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Insurance Article

Quick Insight on Health Insurance

April 27 2012

Having a sound and effective medical insurance policy would mean that you will have over all protection from the chronic diseases as well as accidents. For buying an effective medical insurance, it becomes necessary that you check on the terms and conditions of the policy.

Health insurance is the must not only for protecting yourself, but also for protecting individuals within your family. A family medical insurance policy will provide complete healthcare and medical coverage to every dependant in the family. You should discuss in detail about the family medical insurance policy to know about its terms and conditions. Knowing about the insurance terms and conditions is more important than anything else.

It is quite easy to opt for a medical insurance policy, but what most of the policy holders fail to realize is the less insurance coverage offered. A true and effective medical insurance policy is the one which will offer you comprehensive insurance coverage at all costs. And why not! After all you are paying huge premiums against the policy and it is your right to have a comprehensive policy. Therefore, prior to seeking an insurance coverage, it is very necessary that you look into some of the crucial factors.

These include:

  • Does the medical insurance policy cover physician’s home visit charges? Most of the insurance policies offered by the insurance companies will not cover it. You have to deliberately check on this point by consulting with the medical insurance company.
  • Does your medical insurance policy cover the prescription drugs? You need to check with the medical insurance company on this point too. Many of the insurance companies will not offer coverage on over the counter prescription drugs. Therefore you have to pay the cost for it.
  • Does the medical insurance policy cover charges of medications for pre existing medical conditions? In India, the medical insurance companies are actually not offering any kind of insurance coverage for the medicines prescribed by physician on any pre existing ailments.
  • Does the medical insurance policy provide effective coverage for the child and medical health care? This has to be taken within the purview of pregnancy. The companies offering medical insurance in India off late are not offering pregnancy and post pregnancy benefits. You need to check with the insurance company about it.
  • Does the medical insurance policy charges huge premiums? Medical insurance in India is still in the nascent stage and many of the points are still not clear to the policy holders, especially with respect to premiums.

With all the above points in your mind, you can have a good and purposeful medical insurance policy ready to help you in situations of grave emergencies.


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