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Insurance Article

Stay fit and updated with the right health insurance

June 15 2010

 You cannot perform well without a healthy body. Maintaining a good health is not at all an easy job to do. You need to take out time to focus on your health like by doing exercises, proper diet, gym etc. Health insurance companies offer higher insurance rates for consumers based on height and weight. So the less healthy your lifestyle the more your insurance can go up.

But doesn’t everyone want to be fit and healthy and save money. But because exercise equipment and gym memberships are expensive, it seems impossible to do both. It’s expensive to try to lose weight and it is also expensive to stay overweight. Overweight people spend more on health insurance on average, more than smokers and drinkers. It may seem obvious, but the simplest approaches to a healthier life are the best ways to reduce your health insurance costs.

Here are some great ways to reduce your health insurance without having to lighten your wallet:

  • Hit the sack: getting a full night rest, about eight full hours, boosts strength and energy.
  • Never skip breakfast: starting your day without food is like a car without fuel.
  • Cut down on the snacks: it may not seem like it, but those extra calories add up fast and enable a very unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Exercise regularly: (recommended 30 minutes sessions 3-4 times a week) health insurance agents like people who exercise, working out significantly reduces chances of future health problems.
  • Monitor your weight: keep within 10 pounds of your recommended weight range. Also keep in mind many health insurance carriers will boost your insurance premium by 10 or 20 percent if you are even a slightly overweight.
  • Click the bad habits: having drinking and/ or smoking can shave years of your life and doesn’t look good to health insurance agent.
  • Take vitamins and supplements: consult a doctor or nutritionist to find the right balance.


It is very well known that non- smokers and women are charged lower premiums on most life insurance policies. A host of other factors besides smoking play a major role in determining premium. The health of the person to be insured plays a critical role in underwriting the life. If a person has hypertension, diabetes or is obese, his/her premium will be higher as the risk to the company is higher as compared to a healthy person. Adverse medical conditions are rated according to the severity and combination of conditions.

The policies which can be bought only after stringent tests are primarily targeted at well heeled individuals but the cover is certainly not available at throwaway prices. The underwriting process that the proposer has to go through is also very stringent. The test could include blood profile, ECG, MSU, etc.

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