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Home Insurance Information

Burglary Insurance and First Loss Policy Explained

November 04 2016

Insurers can insure a certain percentage of their assets if they feel that the probability of their entire stock getting stolen at once is very low.

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Building Collapse: Some Precautions You Must Take

October 15 2016

Follow these precautionary measures to ensure enduring homes while you let ICICI Home Insurance take care of unexpected financial losses.

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Worst Natural Disasters in Recent Times in India and Their Impact

August 23 2016

A detailed account of some of the severe natural disasters in India in recent times and how to make sure they don’t have an effect on your livelihood.

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Monsoon Is Here: Are You Covered Against Landslides?

June 14 2016

Know more on landslides and how you can protect your home against landslides.

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Tips to Evaluate your Valuables for Home Insurance

May 10 2016

Home insurance provides coverage for the loss of valuable items. Find out what you need to know to reach the right valuation and protect your belongings.

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Protect your Home from Fire

April 11 2016

The frequency of fire casualties in India is alarming, indicating the increasing susceptibility of our homes to fire. Know these tips to avert an emergency.

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Building Collapses and Tips for Recovery

January 20 2016

Building collapses including residential building collapses are on the rise. Here are some ways to tackle structural collapses and recover from these.

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Home Insurance – ICICI Lombard Survey Highlights Consumer Insights

December 15 2015

ICICI Lombard home insurance survey, home insurance survey, home insurance, myths about home insurance, cost of home insurance, calculating home insurance premium

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10 Tips to Make Your Home Senior-Friendly

November 11 2015

Dealing with an elderly person is similar to taking care of a child with an ego. People over the age of sixty-five also want to live a carefree and independent life. To make this a pleasant reality, our houses need to be old-age friendly.

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Most Common Home Insurance Claims

November 09 2015

A comprehensive home insurance policy covers the contents and structure of your house. The contents include clothes, kitchen appliances, electronic gadgets, furniture, etc., and structure comprises of the permanent fixtures and fittings.

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