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Online Insurance Information

Aadhaar Guide

January 02 2018

Aadhaar card would be a tool to implement equity, and would ensure the allocation of grants/subsidies to every citizen in a fair and equitable way.

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Important Financial Dates For 2018: Save These!

January 01 2018

Here are the important dates of 2018 that matter to those who wish to plan their finances, and make the most of what the year has to offer

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The Evolving Role of Chatbots in Insurance

October 05 2017

Chatbots are making their presence felt in the insurance sector. The advances in machine learning will make them an indispensable part of customer service

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Reasons Why Insurance Penetration is Low in Women

December 11 2017

Low insurance penetration among women can be attributed to several factors such as dependence on men and low participation in the workforce

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Late in Filing Insurance Claim? Can it be Denied?

November 29 2017

According to the Supreme Court, insurers can’t deny claims based solely on delayed filing. Here’s how delayed claims cost both parties

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Importance of the Insurance Proposal Form

November 08 2017

Filling up important details in the insurance proposal form is half the insurance process completed. Here are some pointers to getting it right

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The Importance of Business Insurance for Startups

October 18 2017

Protect your startup from sudden surprises that cause unplanned spikes in your monthly expenditure. It could mean the difference between success and failure!

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Top Points You Should Know About E-Insurance

September 19 2017

As the world moves towards a digital front, dematerialise your documents and avail the benefits of electronic insurance

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Why Most Indians End Up Buying Insurance the Wrong Way?

August 08 2017

With awareness, a little bit of effort and due diligence, buying the right general insurance, and avoiding common mistakes, is possible. Read more about it here!

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Drones - The Insurance Industry's Next Game Changer

July 11 2017

Drones are streamlining insurance sector by reducing - operational costs, faulty claims, settlement time and by enhancing the efficiency of the officials. Read more about it here!

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