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Personal Accident Insurance Information

How To Prevent Yourself From Electrical Shocks

February 27 2018

Electricity can be dangerous if not handled properly. You can prevent injuries due to electricity by following these simple steps

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How To Create A Fire Safety Escape Plan

February 05 2018

A fire escape plan would come in handy in cases of emergency. Here are a few tips to help you form your own plan

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11 Walking Rules to Keep You Safe

January 18 2018

These walking safety rules will reduce your chances of accidents on the road. Follow them to stay alert and safe under any circumstance.

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5 Ways of Surviving Mumbai Local – A Beginner’s Guide

December 20 2017

The Mumbai local trains have a notorious reputation. However, they’re still the best means of transport around the city. Here’s how to survive them

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Ways to Make Your Home Senior Friendly

November 20 2017

Older people have more difficulty in doing everyday tasks than the average person. These home modifications can help them tremendously

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Modern Lifestyle Needs Adequate Insurance Cover

October 12 2017

A hectic and fast-paced life increases the chances of an unfortunate incident. Protect yourself with comprehensive accident insurance

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Five Ways to Minimise the Risk of Being Struck by Lightning

September 11 2017

Lightning strikes can be fatal if adequate precautions are not taken. Here we help you the steps that minimise the risk

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What to Do Before, During, and After Flash Floods/Floods?

July 26 2017

Want to know how to safeguard your home, property and loved ones in a flood? Read out this guide for navigating through Floods/Flash Floods.

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Tips for Safer Daily Commute during Monsoon

June 20 2017

Monsoon increases the rate of accidents, & you can protect yourself and your vehicles by following these simple ways to commute safely during monsoon.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Personal Accident Insurance

April 05 2017

Your questions answered on personal accident insurance, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability among others

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